5 Fitness Business Ideas To Launch In 2024 

In an era where health and wellness have transcended from buzzwords to a way of life, the fitness industry remains not only robust but also incredibly ready for innovation. Are you an aspiring fitness entrepreneur, coach, or trainer looking to carve your niche in a bustling market? The new year of 2024 beckons with vast […]

How to Seamlessly Transition into Online Training  

Personal training has long been an in-person practice, where rapport is built through high-fives and form corrections. These days, the internet has blown open the doors to a world that offers personal trainers limitless reach. Whether you are personal training veteran looking to switch it up and broaden your reach or a new kid on […]

5 Ways You’re Losing Money As A Personal Trainer 

So you’re a personal trainer, huh? Great! But being successful isn’t just about helping clients get fit. There’s a whole business side to it that many trainers don’t consider. You’ve got to manage your cash flow, find new clients, and keep your current ones happy. And just like training, it’s all about strategy. Let’s check […]

4 Tips to Set New Rates and Earn More as a Trainer 

The fitness industry is a dynamic, thriving space where personal trainers and coaches continuously look for ways to enhance their services, reach more clients, and stay at the forefront of health and wellness trends. However, amidst the passion for transforming lives through fitness, it’s easy to overlook crucial business strategies that can lead to financial growth. If you’re a personal trainer or aspiring to be one, setting your rates is not only about covering costs and making a living; it’s about recognizing the value you provide and being rewarded for the transformation you facilitate. This guide is tailored to empower you by sharing tips on setting new rates and unlocking the potential for increased earnings in your personal training business.

5 Steps the Founder of Barbell Logic Took to Create a Thriving Online Business 

Meet Matt Reynolds, the founder of Barbell Logic, a thriving online business with over 700 programming clients and 20 coaches, all operating on one digital platform, TrueCoach. Reynolds transformed his business from a one-man show using spreadsheets and email chains to an efficient, highly automated system with TrueCoach – all without sacrificing the quality of his services. If you’re looking to build your online business, here are five steps you can take, inspired by Reynolds’ transformation.


It’s that time of year again! A time to rest, rejuvenate, open presents, overindulge, skip workouts… Hmmm, okay. It can be easy to slip out of existing routines and succumb to the many temptations of the holiday season, and while that’s fine in small amounts, there are ways you can help your clients to maintain […]


Ready to lift some spirits this holiday season? 🏋️‍♀️🎁 We’ve whipped up the ultimate holiday gift guide that’s bound to make every fitness fanatic’s heart skip a beat. No matter who you’re shopping for (yourself included and encouraged), our curated list is packed with gifts that will have them flexing their gratitude muscles. Thanks to […]


Reading time: 4 minutes Hold it… hold it… That last 10 seconds can feel like an eternity when you’re giving it your all. 3…2…1 and we’re done! Wow, what a great workout 2023 was. 💪🧘🏽‍♀️🏃🏻 Have a drink and a gentle cool-down stretch (awww yeah those feel so good) – you’ve earned it! It’s time to look back […]


Read time: 5 minutes The fitness community is quite special, isn’t it? Coaches dedicating their lives to improving the health and wellbeing of people trying to improve their own lives. So wholesome. If you’re after inspiration and encouragement on your own personal trainer journey, there’s no better place to look. In that spirit, we asked our own […]


Estimated read time: 7 mins If you’ll excuse us blowing our own trumpet for a moment (🎺toot toot!) it’s time for a chat about the essential, invaluable, yes, even fabulous benefits that TrueCoach provides for anyone running a personal training business. We’re not just talking about the coaching side of things (which we agree is outstanding 😎.) Today […]