Empower your coaching with TrueCoach's new Wearables Integration, designed to revolutionize how coaches and personal trainers interact with client data. With seamless connectivity to leading wearables like OURA, Apple Health/Apple Watch, Garmin, and more, you'll unlock valuable insights to optimize your clients’ training and drive results like never before. 

  • Real-time Metrics: Access key data points from your clients' wearables, allowing you to monitor performance metrics instantly and make informed coaching decisions on the fly. 
  • Personalized Insights: Gain deeper insights into your clients' activity levels, sleep patterns, and recovery metrics, enabling you to tailor training programs precisely to their individual needs. 
  • Enhanced Accountability: Foster accountability and motivation by tracking progress over time, setting personalized goals in and outside of thee gym, and celebrating milestones together with your clients. 

Elevate your coaching experience with TrueCoach's Wearables Integration and harness the power of wearable technology to elevate your clients' fitness journeys. Start integrating wearables data today with your Standard or Pro membership, and watch your clients thrive with this new data unlocked. 

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