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The fitness community is quite special, isn’t it? Coaches dedicating their lives to improving the health and wellbeing of people trying to improve their own lives. So wholesome. If you’re after inspiration and encouragement on your own personal trainer journey, there’s no better place to look.

In that spirit, we asked our own TrueCoach community to nominate a coach that truly inspires and motivates them, pushing them to achieve the best in their fitness life.

Let’s shine the spotlight on some stellar coaches and bask in their inspirational glow.

Jessie Mundell: Women’s fitness warrior

TrueCoach champion and post-partum fitness coach Rhonda Chamberlain has nominated Jessie Mundell, Head Coach at and an exercise specialist in pregnancy and postpartum exercise.

According to Rhonda, the insanely talented Jessie leads with her values, even if it goes ‘against the grain’ in the fitness industry, all while tackling any challenge that stands in her way. With two little humans keeping her busy enough, Jessie has experienced immense success in her personal training business.

Rhonda used this inspiration to build her own post-partum fitness training business. After having children, the former athlete and qualified physiotherapist still found herself lost when it came to getting back into exercise. After working with Jessie to get herself back to optimum fitness, she began her own successful coaching journey.

In Rhonda’s own words, “She continues to show up, lead and encourage myself and many others through the work she does. Thank you, Jessie for all you do!”

See how Rhonda Chamberlain is using TrueCoach and virtual coaching to improve women’s lives here .

Derek Gelato: Holistic health hero

TrueCoach champion Joanna Bastow has nominated Derek Gelato, the owner of US-based Thrive Strength and Wellness, which offers a personalized, holistic approach to staying fit and healthy. With a degree in Psychology providing a mind-body focus, Derek aims to make fitness fun while building a strong, supportive community.

The impact Derek is having is summed up perfectly by Joanna, a Thrive employee who describes Derek as kind and genuinely caring, someone who wants to be considered as one of the team rather than ‘the boss’. Joanna goes on to say, “He has built this amazing community that I feel so blessed to be a part of. There is never anything I can’t go to him about for help. He has helped so many people reach potentials he may not even know. He has certainly changed my life for the better.”

If that’s the effect he has on his staff, we can only imagine how amazing his clients feel!

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Cara Lionetti: Fitness phenomenon

TrueCoach champion Sarah Breyer has nominated her boss, Cara Lionetti, who has been making her mark on the fitness world for over 20 years!

You might think being the owner of a successful gym, Ergon Elite Fitness would keep anyone busy enough, but hardworking Cara also writes the group fitness and competitive athlete programming and 

over 15 remote athletes are lucky to call Cara their personal coach. Sarah tells us that Cara also mentors her employees and manages to find time to train and stay seriously fit, all while raising three kids (also a full-time job!)

Cara is a strong pillar of the fitness community, paving the way for others to succeed. In the words of Sarah, “Cara Lionetti is definitely an inspiration… she does it all with effortless grace.”

Arian Aguila: Inspirational fitness influencer

TrueCoach champion Diego Díaz has nominated Arian Aguila, a college team coach from México who is using social media such as Instagram (arianaguila) to share his knowledge about health and fitness.

In the words of Diego, “I don’t know how Arian does it, but he’s always studying, uploading his social media with new information about training and fitness.”

Arian, a PhD student in Exercise Science, is dedicated to sharing his fitness journey with his 14.3K followers, helping to build the fitness community and educate people. He also offers personal training. 

As Diego put it, “He always inspires me to keep up studying and learning everything about training.”

Male Coach is smiling while helping clients through a workout

Keep sharing your stories!

Wherever you are in your personal training journey, look to the people in the fitness community for motivation and inspiration. By sharing their stories, be they of challenges, triumphs, or anything in-between, coaches around the world help to build a more connected, informed, and caring health and fitness community. 🌍💗🏃‍♀️

Just as you might be taking inspiration from those around you, there are probably people out there being inspired by you! So keep sharing those amazing stories and spread the joy of being part of the fitness world.

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Article by Clare Hudson

First published: December 04 2023

Last updated: January 11 2024