About Us

Truecoach is brought to you by Xplor, the first global platform integrating software, payments, and commerce-enabling services to help businesses thrive. Visit xplortechnologies.com to learn more about how Xplor’s products supercharge success.

We're on a mission to help coaches save time, deliver a better experience for their clients, and grow their training businesses. We built TrueCoach to enable 1-to-1 coaching that scales, freeing up time for coaches to get out of the gym and work on their businesses rather than in their businesses.

"Born out of the struggle I saw the coaches I worked with go through and my pain points as a remote client, I founded TrueCoach in 2015 to bring coaching into the modern age and help coaches build long-term sustainable careers."

Casey Jenks

TrueCoach Co-Founder

The Team

Jim Ray

VP of Engineering

Brian Jinwright

Engineering Manager

Audrey Arthaud

Customer Support Manager

Brian Taylor

Project Manager

Jason Williams

Staff Engineer

Riley Taylor

Frontend Engineer

Tom Bonan

Backend Engineer

Katharine Sibbald

Backend Engineer

Daniel Veenkamp

Frontend Engineer

Erica Spitz

Frontend Engineer

Cindy Liu

Customer Support Specialist

Taylor Homes

Customer Support Specialist

Ashley Channells

Customer Support Specialist

Kolton Parchman

Customer Support Specialist


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