Ready to lift some spirits this holiday season? 🏋️‍♀️🎁

We’ve whipped up the ultimate holiday gift guide that’s bound to make every fitness fanatic’s heart skip a beat. No matter who you’re shopping for (yourself included and encouraged), our curated list is packed with gifts that will have them flexing their gratitude muscles. Thanks to the amazing Partner Perks provided by TrueCoach, you can find just what you need, and for a little less! From equipment and gear that bring the sweat in style to programs and courses that will help you level up your coaching game in the new year, check out the TrueCoach 2023 holiday gift guide for some gifting inspiration. 

For The Athlete 💪🏃‍♀️

A high-energy powerhouse with a passion for breaking a sweat, conquering challenges, and turning every workout into a celebration! 

Level up any home gym with these exclusive discounts!

TRX: Save 20% on industry-leading education offered; live, virtual, and online. Also, save sitewide on your favorite TRX products. 

KO8: You can save 20% on all KO8 education and on the KO8 itself! 

Living.Fit: 20% off courses ranging from stretching, plyometrics, kettlebell, battle rope, weight loss coaching and more to earn CEUs. Plus, save on industry leading fitness equipment like dumbbells and slam balls.

and more!

For The Executive 💻📈

A dynamic force of charisma and strategy, effortlessly navigating the corporate jungle with a killer combination of sharp wit and a secret talent for turning meetings into must-see events. 

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to prepare your business for 2024 with these exclusive discounts!

ISSA: Up to 60% off ISSA fitness certifications and specializations. 

NASM: Save 40% on any of our online courses, including our most popular programs like the Certified Nutrition Coach program, the Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist programs, Business Accelerator, Home Gym Design, Fitness Influencer courses, and more. 

Precision Nutrition: 20% off the industry leading PN Level 1 Nutrition Coaching Certification. 

 and more. 


For the Self Carer 🧘💆

A wellness wizard with a knack for turning self-love into an art form, blending mindful meditation, green smoothies, and restful nights, with a side of infectious positivity. 

You work hard all-year round, treat yourself to a little TLC as the year winds down with these exclusive discounts!

Oura: $50 Off for coaches! Health tracking wrapped around your finger — track your sleep, activity and recovery in style. 

Restoic: Save 20% on the leading mental fitness app and transform your smartphone into a dynamic competitive advantage. 

Vega: Save 30% on Vega plant-based protein powder & nutrition products. 

and more 


Happy Holidays From TrueCoach 🎁

As the curtain falls on our holiday gift guide, we hope you’ve found the perfect present to elevate those endorphins and bring a dose of joy to your favorite fitness fiends. Whether it’s just what they need to complete their home gym or a trendy piece of workout wear, these gifts are sure to keep the holiday spirit alive well into the new year. Remember, the best presents are the ones that inspire, motivate, and maybe even induce a happy dance. So go ahead, wrap up those gifts, sprinkle a little extra holiday cheer, and give the gift of health, happiness, and a whole lot of sweat. Wishing you a fit and festive holiday season! 

Gifting is on everyone’s mind this time of year, but at TrueCoach, it’s always on our mind. That’s why these exclusive discounts are available all year long to our coaches. If you are a coach, then what are you doing? Check out your Partner Perks HERE!

If you are experiencing some FOMO, then sign up for your 14-day free trial today to get access to these awesome perks just in time for Christmas and all year long after that! Start your free trial HERE!

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Article by Clare Hudson

First published: December 14 2023

Last updated: January 11 2024