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Program Builder

Build workout templates in under a minute that can be copied and pasted for multiple clients. Complete with 3,500+ professional exercise videos.

Progress Tracking

Explore TrueCoach's array of tracking apps to monitor your clients' progress. With our digital notepad, you can record vital details, including: Customized metrics, (strength, health, movement screens, etc.), Goals, Equipment access, Limitations, Nutrition and macros For clients, visualize progress with intuitive graphs and review exercise history effortlessly. Track milestones and witness growth over time, empowering clients to appreciate their journey with you.

Nutrition and Habit Tracking

The elite combination of TrueCoach’s integration with MyFitnessPal empowers coaches to set custom calorie, macro, and nutrition plans all in one, easy-to-use place. Combine this with Custom Habit Tracking, a powerful addition to your clients' wellness journeys. Using the Habit Tracker, craft personalized habits, from hydration reminders to daily meditation, seamlessly integrated into their TrueCoach calendars for enhanced engagement and accountability.

In-App Messaging

Whether you’re on your phone or on your laptop, real-time messaging allows you to communicate back-and-forth with your clients like text messaging for coaches with personable elements like GIFs, photos, and videos. Your clients won’t need to switch between the TrueCoach app and email or open their texting app to send you a message. Without having to leave the app, they’ll be able to send you a message in the TrueCoach app while they check their workouts and videos, request a video demo, or comment on a specific workout from your personal training software.

Mobile and Web App
Access your clients from anywhere with our dedicated iOS, Android, and Web app. 
Drag and Drop Workout Builder
Create any workout you can dream up, from AMRAPs to Strength Sets with our drag and drop workout builder
Workout Templates
Build workout templates in under a minute that can be copied and pasted for multiple clients.
Video Library
Our extensive video library comes pre-loaded with 3,500+ professionally recorded exercise demonstrations and allows you to add your own!
Real-Time Messaging
Touch base with your clients no matter where in the world they might be, whether to answer a workout-specific question or just to check in.
With both push and e-mail notifications, you’ll never miss an update when a client completes a workout, leaves feedback, or sends you a message!
Habit Tracking
Create custom habits for your clients to complete on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to allow them to excel in and outside the gym!
Macro Tracking
Track all aspects of your clients’ nutrition plans through our integration with MyFitnessPal. Set and monitor calorie and macro goals to keep your clients accountable in and outside of the gym.
In-App Messaging
Keep in touch with all of your clients with our dedicated coaching app.
Multi-Media Messaging Support
Keep your clients engaged and provide form cues with the ability to send pictures, videos, and even GIFs!
Client Onboarding
Onboard your clients in less than two minutes via e-mail or text with our seamless onboarding experience!
Client Organization
Filter your clients by name, program due date, and more to give attention where it’s needed.
Automated Payments
TrueCoach Payments, powered by Stripe, allows you to set up recurring payments to guarantee monthly income, and remove the need for that awkward Venmo request.
Wearables Integration (Exclusive to Standard/Pro)
Integrate directly with Apple Health/Apple Watch, Garmin, OURA, and more to monitor data on your clients’ wearables.
Automations Powered By Zapier (Exclusive to Pro)
Automate the busy admin tasks of your business with our custom triggers built in Zapier, allowing you to connect to thousands of your favorite apps.

Strengthen your Business with Valuable Add-Ons

The NASM CEU Library is a game-changer for coaches seeking continuous education. With 24/7 access to a vast array of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) via NASM CEU Libary, coaches can now elevate their skills at a discounted rate of up to 33%.


  • Exclusive Discounts: TrueCoach coaches enjoy significant savings of up to 33% on NASM CEU Library subscriptions.
  • 24/7 Access: Accessible anytime, anywhere, the NASM CEU Library empowers coaches to learn at their own pace.
  • Seamless Integration: NASM CEU Library is seamlessly embedded into the TrueCoach app, ensuring a user-friendly experience for coaches.

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