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Effectively manage Home Exercise Programs, client communication, therapy notes, and a comprehensive range of other features and functionalities.

Continuous Check-Ins

Our In-App messaging service allows you to ensure your patients remain compliant, even when they leave your office.

Effortless HEP Design

Create a variety of ready-to-use home exercise programs for common injuries or customize a program for a new client with our easy-to-use Program Builder.

Compliance Tracking

Monitor and track your clients' progress with confidence. Assess their compliance rate over 7, 30, and 90 days, by comparing the number of exercises completed with the number assigned. Stay informed and in control of your clients' journey towards pain-free living.

Countless Exercise Videos

Discover our vast video library featuring thousands of expert exercise demonstrations. Plus, you have the freedom to add your own video demos to ensure perfect form and precise movement protocols, no matter how challenging the exercise.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

A physical therapy software, often known as physiotherapy clinic management software, is a specialized tool designed to assist physiotherapists in managing various aspects of their practice. It encompasses features for managing patient records, billing, treatment plans, exercise routines, and practice management. This software streamlines administrative tasks, enhances patient care, and facilitates the overall operations of a physiotherapy clinic or chiropractic practice. It supports practices in managing appointments, organizing patient information, handling billing processes, and overseeing the comprehensive management of any physiotherapy practice. 

Physical therapy software operates as an integrated platform designed to streamline various functions within a physiotherapy clinic. It works by offering modules for safe and secure patient communication, patient management, billing, treatment plans, exercise routines, and administrative tasks. TrueCoach allows for the efficient creation and management of patient records, providing tools for documenting treatments, progress notes, and assessments. Additionally, our integrated physical therapy biling sofware allows for the immediate processing of debit and credit card payments, ensuring you get paid. Our physiotherapy software aims to centralize and organize clinic operations, improving patient care, optimizing workflows, and simplifying administrative tasks for physiotherapy practices. 

Physical therapy software is essential for streamlining and optimizing the operations of a physiotherapy clinic. It serves several critical functions that are imperative for efficient practice management. From patient management, treatment planning, to billing and administrative tasks, physiotherapy software consolidates these processes into a cohesive system. It enhances patient care, facilitates accurate billing and insurance claims, and supports the overall management of a physiotherapy practice. TrueCoach's comprehensive features aid in saving time, improving patient outcomes, enhancing workflows, and ensuring the smooth functioning of a clinic or practice. 

If you are a physical therapist or chiropractor who is looking expand and take your business online, you might be wondering how much does physical therapy software cost. There are many factors to consider, such as the specific features you need, the size of your business, and the level of support that you require. That being said, investing in the right physical therapy software can be a game-changer for your business. Not only can it save you time and streamline your operations, but it can also help you to grow and scale your business. TrueCoach offers a premium physical therapy software for as low as $19.99/mo, and you can start for free today! 

TrueCoach sets itself apart from other physical therapy software through its personalized approach to online home exercise programming. As more and more people turn to digital platforms for fitness and wellness, TrueCoach recognizes the importance of building a relationship between the practitioner and patient and continually keeping up with the latest trends. Our dedicated Customer Support and Success teams are available whenever you need them to answer any question you have and to help you navigate the latest features that are added. With streamlined auto-payments, integrated client communication, compliance tracking, and more, TrueCoach accounts for each and every step in your training journey and is alongside you every step of the way. 

TrueCoach is a cutting-edge physical therapy software that functions as a robust platform designed for physiotherapists, chiropractors, and health practitioners. It enables professionals to create, manage, and deliver personalized training programs and workouts to their clients. TrueCoach primarily caters to the health and fitness industries, offering tools for home exercise planning, progress tracking, and client management. It allows healthcare practitioners to craft tailored exercise routines, track client progress, and facilitate communication, ultimately enhancing the overall patient experience. 

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