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TrueCoach for the Classroom introduces students to the TrueCoach platform. A leading fitness and personal training platform that 20,000+ fitness professionals from around the world use to manage their personal training and coaching businesses.

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Set Your Students Up For Coaching Success

Coaching and personal training technology are now a fundamental part of the fitness industry. With TrueCoach for the Classroom, teach your students how to make the most of their semester so they can build a successful fitness career. With TrueCoach for the Classroom, teach your students:

Client Management

As a PT or coach, good client management is critical for success. Teach your students how to manage their clients more efficiently from one platform.

Workout Design & Execution

Efficiency is key to client retention. While the science-backed teaching is up to you, TrueCoach for the Classroom can help you teach your students how to build tailored workout plans quickly and efficiently.

Goal Progress & Analysis

Teach your students how to understand and articulate goal progress and analysis to individual clients using real-time data and dashboarding tools.

Nutrition & Compliance Tracking

Nutrition can play a huge role in the progress or lack thereof of a client's success. Teach your students how to interpret, discover and track food and compliance data.

Personal Branding & Business Management

Help your students compete in a competitive market. Teach the ins and outs of finance, business management and personal branding in an app designed to be customized.

I found the software to be incredibly intuitive, the students picked it up with ease, and it was amazing to see the programs they came up with. I thought it was an incredible program and I highly recommend it to all my fellow educators.

Tim Hanway
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science, Simmons University

Establish a Reputation of Coaching Success with TrueCoach for the Classroom

Get a reputation synonymous with graduate success. Let TrueCoach for the Classroom help you foster growth and establish prosperous fitness careers.

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Provide Real-World Experience to Students

TrueCoach for the Classroom helps educators bridge the gap between practical lessons and
hands-on real-world experience.
TrueCoach for the Classroom uses the TrueCoach personal training software to help educators streamline classroom lessons and introduce practical, real-world experiences.

Device Agnostic

TrueCoach for the Classroom is easily accessible to all students. Available on all devices including desktop, iOS, and Android.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited support and training videos make it simple to integrate TrueCoach into your core curriculum and classroom syllabus.

Assured Program Success

Each TrueCoach for the Classroom partner is assigned a dedicated TrueCoach Partnerships Manager to ensure you and your students get the most from the program.

Get Started With TrueCoach For The Classroom

The TrueCoach for the Classroom program is simple to implement and integrate into your core curriculum and classroom syllabus. Simply sign up through the form below and one of our dedicated TrueCoach for the Classroom team members will be in touch to get the ball rolling.

Request a call back and our team will get back to you with more information on how to bring TrueCoach into your Classroom!

Workout Builder

Quickly design and deliver personalized workouts using exercises and videos from your library. The TrueCoach free-form workout builder does not hold you back!

Video Exercise Library

Utilize TrueCoach’s library of 2,500+ pre-loaded premium exercise videos, or upload your own! Your clients will have easy access to your coaching from anywhere.

Real-Time Messaing

Clients can comment on specific workouts or direct message you from the TrueCoach app. All coach-to-client communication is kept in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

TrueCoach for the Classroom is a semester long commitment to introduce students studying to be personal trainers or coaches how to use industry leading technology when they build programs and work one on one with clients.

TrueCoach for the Classroom gives them hands on experience with industry leading technology. It helps them stay organized, communicate with clients more effectively, and sets them up to train clients after they complete the class.

TrueCoach for the Classroom will allow you to oversee all of your students' programming in spot. You can give feedback and even assign grades on each Students' programmed workouts.

Yes, there are tools in our software for educators to give detailed feedback and grade.

$125/student/semester - similar to the cost of a book. If you’re looking to use TrueCoach for the Classroom for your department and have more than 50 students, contact, for additional pricing information.

Yes - consider TrueCoach for the Classroom a required book for the semester - except it's software. Educators roll the cost of TrueCoach for the Classroom into their class budget and are invoiced directly.

Yes - if educators choose to do so. There is an option for students to pay for the software instead of the department.

No - student data such as student ID’s, financial aid, etc. is not collected as part of TrueCoach for the Classroom. Given that students have access to their TrueCoach accounts post-graduation, we recommend educators ask their students to create their account with an outside, but professional email address (such as or something similar). Otherwise, Students can update their school email address to a personal email address at any time.

Yes, please contact 
and we will connect you with an educator.

We ask for a semester commitment. After that semester, the school can choose to continue or cancel.

Yes! Students can not only use TrueCoach post-graduation, but can maintain the programs that they have worked so hard on by updating their login email address to their personal email address.   Students get 3 months free, and then 10% off for life!

TrueCoach is the first global platform that:

  • Combines software, payments, and commerce-enabling services
  • Allows fitness professionals to focus on what matters most—the client.
  • Has been tailored and fine-tuned to be a completely comprehensive experience from end to end
  • Has successfully scaled the businesses of over 20k+ coaches and enhanced the workouts of over 250k+ trainees.

Now, TrueCoach is coming to the classroom to give students a more real-world experience in business management; so, by the time they graduate they will spend significantly less time performing administrative tasks and more time doing the meaningful work they studied for.

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