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If you’ll excuse us blowing our own trumpet for a moment (🎺toot toot!) it’s time for a chat about the essential, invaluable, yes, even fabulous benefits that TrueCoach provides for anyone running a personal training business.

We’re not just talking about the coaching side of things (which we agree is outstanding 😎.) Today we want to highlight ways the TrueCoach platform can help supercharge your income and make financial management a breeze.

Let’s delve into the ways TrueCoach can take the pain out of financial gain. We’ll try to keep the trumpet quiet…

Take it global, baby!

“Whoa there, you’ve gone power mad,” you might be saying, but hear us out! With online coaching you can reach people anywhere in your country, or even the world. If your personal training business is offering something that people respond to, then location should be no barrier.  

Going virtual allows you to deliver multiple sessions simultaneously, leading to higher earnings. Not only can servicing more clients at once raise your revenue, but the amount of potential customers available to you virtually could significantly increase your entire client base.

Using a great platform (such as TrueCoach) makes the virtual (and in-person) training experience simple and seamless for you and your clients. You need one place to keep track of everything, plus a simple way for clients to log their workouts (especially if you’re offering pre-recorded sessions). Some (but not all) of the benefits of using TrueCoach include:

  • Building programs and sharing them with clients
  • Communicating easily with clients
  • Accessing and adding to a library of videos
  • Providing a smooth, hassle-free booking process
  • Managing all of your clients and their workouts in one place
  • Tracking progress

Read more about the benefits of going virtual (with some helpful tips) in our blog post: Virtually Unstoppable: Venturing Into Virtual Training

Track those hard-earned results  

For a personal trainer helping people get fit and healthy, tracking progress is an absolute must. How else will you know how they are progressing? How will you blow your own trumpet about your track record of results to potential clients? 

Metrics are the measurable indicators you can use to track the progress and effectiveness of your training programs and can include progress photos, body measurements, conditioning increases, hours of sleep, functional measurements (such as heartrate), strength, and nutrition.

TrueCoach excels in tracking because all of the categories are customizable to the metrics you want to add. So you don’t have to stop at just weight and chest size; measure everything you’ve ever wanted! It’s just one of the fantastic ways TrueCoach can help build your business and keep your clients on track and happy, which in turn contributes to building a solid reputation and attracting MORE clients.

For more on this go to our blog post: Metrics: The Ultimate Money Maker For Personal Trainers

Offer more with nutrition coaching 

If your aim is to provide a holistic health and wellness service, then you’re probably already offering personalized nutrition plans to your clients. If you haven’t yet ventured into this area, then now’s the time to get started!

Boost client results (and your business) by using science to understand their current health situation and customize nutrition plans to meet any needs. 

Yep, you guessed it – TrueCoach enables you to offer personalized nutrition coaching and fast-track results. You can increase your prices for this added service (more revenue!) and better results will lead to happier clients (they’ll stick around!) Retention is super important, but happy clients can also lead to referrals, so you can keep growing your business.

Check out this webinar to learn how to save time and increase revenue by offering personalized nutrition plans to help fast-track results. Help your clients put good in and get good out with InsideTracker: One Size Doesn’t Fit All— Boost Business By Offering Personalized Nutrition Plans

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Making money = 😀 | Endless admin = 💩

We know the best parts of your business are helping people and doing what you love… BUT you need money coming in regularly to live comfortably, stay in operation and to grow your business (and occasionally splurge on lit workout gear👟).

TrueCoach Payments simplifies the entire process, ensuring you get paid faster and more consistently AND it’s all in one place. So convenient! Best of all, it helps you to avoid those awkward money conversations with clients and escape the endless Venmo requests, giving you more time to focus on coaching instead of chasing payments. 

TrueCoach can also help you to introduce recurring payments. This is also known as recurring billing, automatic payments, or subscription payments and it involves a customer authorizing a merchant to charge them repeatedly and at regular intervals. It’s an excellent way to ensure you keep your income regular and it can keep clients motivated to attend all sessions. Read more on the benefits of recurring payments in this blog post: Improve The Health Of Your Business Using Recurring Payments

Using TrueCoach payments you can apply discounts, manage subscriptions, apply tax, split payments and much more. TrueCoach Payments is built on Stripe, a simple and powerful way to accept payments online that has no setup fees, no monthly fees, and no hidden costs. 

Note: TrueCoach Payments is only available for customers with bank accounts in the United States, UK, Australia, and Canada at this time.

More info on TrueCoach payments, including how to get started, can be found here:  

Send more time on the important things 

We could be wrong here, but you probably didn’t become a personal trainer because you’re addicted to administration tasks (but no judgment if you did…)

The good stuff is interacting with your clients and improving their lives. So that’s where you want to invest the majority of your time and energy. Think about how much time you spend on admin tasks such as client communication, workout building, and progress tracking. If your current software is not saving you time, it may be worth considering a switch, so you get back to having more time to grow your business (or squeeze in some self-care, a workout, a nap, whatever!)

TrueCoach is filled with purpose-built, time-saving features including:

  • a lightning-speed workout builder: build a workout in less time than you can run a mile!
  • real-time messaging
  • client check in
  • progress and metric tracking
  • nutrition management
  • habit setting and tracking
  • automatic billing
  • an all-in-one platform so no more switching between apps or looking through papers

The less time you spend on admin the more clients you can service – ultimately leading to increased revenue and more opportunities for growth. 

For more check out this blog post: 5 Ways Truecoach Software Can Help Elevate Your Business

Go bigger, be better!

Whether you’re looking to expand your client base, increase your income, add additional coaching staff, open a physical location, or simply improve the way you do things, TrueCoach can support you as you scale your business. 

A single coaching platform with growth-focused features – such as TrueCoach – should empower you to service all of your clients easily and quickly, while offering you solutions and options to expand and improve.

To discover ways to scale your business and tips on using TrueCoach to do it, download our FREE eBook: Adapting a Growth Mindset: Strategies for Taking Your Online Personal Training Business to the Next Level

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Build your own brand 👑

You know you can rely on TrueCoach to be your bestest business buddy (bbb) – but you need to make sure you build your own super strong and recognizable brand to really stand out and establish a stellar reputation in the fitness community.

Naturally, TrueCoach has got your back once again (like a true bbb). TrueCoach’s customization options allow you to brand your coaching business seamlessly. Strong branding can help you stand out from competitors and offer a polished, professional experience to clients. 

When you subscribe to our Standard or Pro plan, you unlock custom theming for your TrueCoach account. This includes:

  • Your logo as the header on all emails and pages of the client’s account through a web browser.
  • A custom subdomain (
  • 8 available color/style themes applied to the client’s account.

Head to Account Settings > Theming to start customizing!

There are so many things to consider when running a personal training business but as you can see, TrueCoach has everything you need in the one awesome place (🎺a final toot!) If you haven’t already, it’s time to enlist your bbb to take care of that time-sucking admin so you can get out there, boost your earnings, and make your mark on the fitness world!

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Article by Clare Hudson

First published: December 04 2023

Last updated: January 11 2024