Video Exercise Library

Inside the TrueCoach exercise video library are 3,000+ pre-loaded exercise demos linked to the exercise itself. This makes it easy for you when typing your exercises in the Workout Builder because as you type, a video will auto-link to the exercise, so you do not have to search for demos on YouTube.

TrueCoach also allows you to upload your own branded videos. All you need to do is video yourself, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, and link it to an exercise in TrueCoach, and it is done. If you have specific exercises that are not in our library you can create your own exercise, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, then link it to your video demo in TrueCoach so you can use it over and over again.

When you have to update a demo video or have been using our preloaded videos and want to replace it with your own, once you update the video all programs with those exercises will also update to the new video.

Another powerful feature with video and communicating with your clients, TrueCoach allows your clients to link videos into a comment for specific workouts, so everything is kept inside TrueCoach to make searching, coaching, and referring back to workout conversations simple.

For your clients, they can access videos seamlessly. If they need to know how to do a movement, they can click on the exercise in the workout, and a video will pop up in TrueCoach to show your video or one of our preloaded videos.

If you want to learn how TrueCoach users apply this, check out how Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dane Delozier, uses videos to rehab his outdoor athletes who require intricate movements.

You have 100% access to all of our 3,000+ videos in TrueCoach during your 14-Day trial, or you can upload your own videos and start linking them to exercises.

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