Here’s How One TrueCoach Trainer Used Airrosti to Treat Her Pain and Why She Recommends it to All Her Clients

As most personal trainers and coaches know, one of the most challenging aspects of their job is keeping their clients and athletes on track to hitting their goals. Online coaches especially can find it difficult as they don’t have the advantage of pushing their athletes, in person, during the workout.  

And while general motivation can be the issue with some clients and athletes, many others deter from exercise when they’re experiencing pain or discomfort from past injuries. When an injury is an issue, clients can slow down and hesitate to push themselves as hard as they should, and for a good reason. Pain is pain.  

That’s why TrueCoach has partnered with Airrosti, a national healthcare company offering in-clinic and virtual care, to help treat soft tissue pain through proper stretching and exercises, with most patients resolving their pain issues within 3 to 4 treatment sessions (based on patient-reported outcomes). 

We wanted to illustrate better how Airrosti can help TrueCoach coaches and their clients. So, we asked a certified trainer Roxy Vivien Dean who has shifted from running a gym to online coaching through TrueCoach. Here’s her story.  


I’m Roxy Vivien Dean, a certified personal trainer who’s been coaching clients since 2005. I’m also a former professional Muay Thai fighter. I fought for 10 years and retired in 2011 to open a gym. I’ve held my personal training certification from ACE for over 17 years and my Precision Nutrition Coach certification for over 6 years. 

Like many coaches and gym owners, I shifted to online coaching over the pandemic and found it an excellent fit for me and my coaching business. So in 2021, I closed my gym and now work from home with the majority of my clients entirely online.  


I use TrueCoach’s software to design customized strength and fitness programs that clients complete at home or in a gym using the mobile app. In addition, I film videos, which I upload to each exercise, and I can give my clients a ton of support and accountability via TrueCoach’s in-app messaging and my one-on-one coaching calls.  


For the past years, I struggled with chronic pain, numbness, and tingling in my wrists, forearms, elbows, and upper back.  

Before Airrosti, I tried to fix myself with everything I knew about corrective exercise, but it wasn’t enough. I visited multiple chiropractors and massage therapists, but nothing worked. I wanted to be pain-free and get back to doing everything I love, like deadlifts, pull-ups, kettlebell swings, and overhead presses.   

My pain was so bad that I couldn’t even turn a doorknob to open it. 


I was introduced to Airrosti from TrueCoach’s Partner Perks when I saw a banner message on the app’s dashboard reaching out to coaches that wanted to go through the Airrosti experience. 

Thanks to TrueCoach Partner Perks, my initial consultation with Airrosti, video call with the provider, was free. The first appointment was a very professional and thorough assessment session. Erik Moll, DC, my Airrosti provider— prescribed me eight simple daily exercises, taking me no more than 10-15 minutes.

The Airrosti experience makes keeping up with your treatment plan super simple. You can access all my corrective exercises via the Airrosti mobile app, which is detailed and easy to navigate — and just like TrueCoach, there are videos for every exercise and a place where you can message your provider with questions.

You can also ask more in-depth questions via one of your scheduled follow-up appointments, plus, it’s much more affordable to get treated for the entire length of your recovery.

You can count on getting Airrosti’s comprehensive treatment, support, and accountability until you fully recover — they don’t leave you to fend for yourself after just a couple of sessions. 


My job as a trainer is to help clients reach their strength and fitness goals  not diagnose and treat pain. I’ve always recommended clinical care to clients recovering from an injury or experiencing chronic pain — but few would follow through. If they did go to a provider, they wouldn’t get regular follow-ups and rarely complete their home exercises. 

This was frustrating to me as it meant my clients recovered slowly or not at all, and that meant they missed training sessions — and sometimes, if their injury were very limiting, they would stop training altogether and not return as a client.  

Recommending Airrosti to your clients will help them recover faster and improve your client retention.  In addition, Airrosti will consider each client’s specific training regimen and goals during treatment to ensure the best possible outcomes. 

From my experience with Airrosti’s Remote Recovery, I know I can rely on them to handle my clients’ pain and injury recovery expertly. Plus, it’s easy for my clients to access the first free consultation session through TrueCoach Partner Perks. 

From the initial consultation and throughout the treatment plan, Airrosti will take fantastic care of your clients so they can return to train with you pain-free and at their best. And because the client has an accurate diagnosis and understands their injury, you can quickly pivot or modify programs within TrueCoach to help keep them training while recovering.  

Recommending Airrosti to a client is the wisest decision you can make as a trainer. I would 100% recommend Airrosti Remote Recovery care to any client who needs help recovering from a physical injury or who develops any nagging aches and pains.  

As a coach, you can receive a free consultation with Airrosti for yourself or any of your athletes who experience soft tissue pain. Find out more at TrueCoach’s Partner Perks page. 

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: January 24 2023

Last updated: January 11 2024