Discover how Laramie County Community College is using TrueCoach to prepare future fitness professionals for their real-world careers.


Laramie County Community College (LCCC) was opened in 1968. Located in Laramie and Cheynne, Wyoming, LCCC is a full service, comprehensive community college. It offers 80 associate degrees and 30 certificates of completion across a wide range of academic, career/technical and community education programs. With over 500 employees and around 6,500 enrolments, LCCC is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association, with a Recreation and Athletics Center that hosts, and competes in, basketball games and volleyball matches.

The Exercise Science department had been using outdated methods write and deliver programming. They were looking for a way to modernize and provide students with a business tool.


Dr. Erin Nitschke, NSCA-CPT, NFPT-CPT, ACE Health Coach, PN1, and Exercise Science Faculty Professor, had been a fitness trainer before entering the world of academia. During that time she was using TrueCoach to manage clients, design workouts and nutrition plans, and run her business. After she began at LCCC, she attended a conference where she ran into TrueCoach again, and was reminded of how the product had served as a crucial business tool.

The department was still using spreadsheets, emails and paper and pen to write and deliver programming. Erin’s goal was to modernize this, by bringing TrueCoach into her classroom. Her objective was to give her students an edge in the industry, and experience using industry-leading tech before beginning their fitness careers in the real world.


TrueCoach is a leading fitness and personal training platform that 20,000+ fitness professionals from around the world use to manage their personal training and coaching businesses. The program is designed to help both teachers and students focus on what counts – fitness business success. It helps educators bridge the gap between practical lessons and hands-on experience.

With the TrueCoach for the Classroom program, students looking to become fitness instructors or personal trainers will learn:

  • Client management – the success of any fitness instructor hinges on this. Students will learn how to efficiently manage their clients in one platform
  • Workout design and execution – students learn how to swiftly build tailored workout plans
  • Goal progress and analysis – students will learn how to understand and articulate goal progress and analysis to clients using real-time data and dashboarding tools
  • Nutrition compliance and tracking – students learn how to interpret, discover and track food and compliance data
  • Personal branding and business management – the fitness industry is a competitive one, which means getting to grips with the ins and outs of finance, business management and personal branding in an app designed to be customized

“Using TrueCoach for the Classroom has positively impacted my students’ learning outcomes and success,” says Erin. “Not only are they far more confident in what it takes to build a safe and effective exercise program and workout for each of their clients, but they are able to truly demonstrate their competency in applying industry standard practices using industry standard tools.”


Real-world experience is one of the biggest benefits of TrueCoach for the Classroom. Students learn about industry standards in an engaging way, and they can focus on what the work really means – a great way to prepare them for their career.

“Building these evidence-based programs using a consistent platform helps them learn what’s important,” says Erin. “They don’t have to worry about paper and pencil or exchanging documents – they’ve got all the client management tools and resources they need.” Erin goes on to say that as well as practical experience, TrueCoach for the Classroom is also a significant time saver for educators, since they’re not having to locate paper documents or try to work with different formats. “I’m looking at their programs in one consistent platform,” she explains. “It’s super simple to log in, then go through each of my students’ submissions.”

TrueCoach for the Classroom also enhances communication between educators and students, so feedback can be provided and digested easily. It helps educators and students to communicate easily – another time saver.

Growth in student confidence is another significant benefit. “I love seeing this – and it happened really fast,” Erin notes.

“TrueCoach has been extremely beneficial to my learning as I navigate through my personal trainer classes this year,” says student Brooklyn Lowe. “The simplicity has given me the time I need to focus on the more important things in my classes and then easily transferring my knowledge to the program, taking away so much stress. Not only has the process been easy for me to pick up on, every time I need something a rep for TrueCoach is there to help me out.”

Along with increased confidence, students have also appreciated how easy TrueCoach is to use. “I have found TrueCoach very easy to read and navigate,” says student Roger Calderon. “TrueCoach has facilitated one of the hardest parts for a trainer which is creating the program – this platform is intuitive and organized.”

For LCCC, TrueCoach for the Classroom has benefitted every aspect of the teaching and learning experience. “It’s seamless integration into the course curriculum, intuitive user-friendly platform, and endless support resources allow my students to focus on what truly matters – engaging with their clients and designing safe, effective exercise programs,” says Erin. “Learners benefit. Clients benefit. The entire learning experience has become transformational.”


Not only has TrueCoach played a significant role in preparing students for their future careers, the entire department has benefitted from moving away from paper and spreadsheets. “TrueCoach is so efficient and easy to use, it’s given me the gift of time,” says Erin.

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: February 07 2023

Last updated: January 11 2024