Organize Your Athletes, Create Programming, and Track Progress with One Simple App

TrueCoach is a Dedicated Software to Help Elevate Your Coaching and Give Your Athletes the Best Possible Programs. Here are 5 Ways It Can Help

Coaches with multiple athletes to train can quickly feel overwhelmed with programming, tracking, and organization. Spreadsheets, folders, and files accumulate for each athlete they coach, making it hard to give their athletes the best experience.

TrueCoach organizes all the needs of a coach into a straightforward app. The software helps assign workouts, share content, build nutrition plans, and track progress. TrueCoach also offers Partner Perks, including discounts for equipment, exclusive certification offers, and video content.

Keeping multiple athletes organized in one app can help coaches build a stronger and more profitable business: Here are five solutions to common problems in your coaching business

PROBLEM: Lack of Time & Organization to Deliver Proper Programming to Athletes

SOLUTION: TrueCoach is the Fastest & Easiest Way To Deliver Programming To Your Athletes

Building programming and workouts has never been more manageable. TrueCoach makes it simple to build a program that can be distributed to multiple athletes or customized to a person’s specific needs. For example, you could create an Olympic Lifting program for beginners and reuse it for every new athlete you train. Pre-made programs make it easier to onboard new athletes because you can reuse, save time, and make more money from that single program. Then, once your latest athlete makes progress, you can begin to personalize their schedule to fit their needs better.

PROBLEM: You’re Not a Content Creator but Want to Share Professional Videos with Your Athletes

SOLUTION: TrueCoach Offers Readymade Content, Including Exclusive USA Weightlifting Videos

TrueCoach makes it easy to include video content to send to athletes and offers exclusive readymade content made by certified associations through partnerships. For example, coaches can utilize USA Weightlifting movement videos provided within the app to any of their athletes, making it easier to train for National and International competitions.

PROBLEM: Texting, Emailing, Commenting, and Calling on Different Platforms Becomes Overwhelming

SOLUTION: TrueCoach 1:1 Communication is the Easiest Way To Stay In Touch with Multiple Athletes

Through the app, coaches can communicate 1:1 with any of their athletes. TrueCoach’s messaging capabilities help expedite communication without email or phone messages. Instead, everything from workout tracking, words of encouragement, and updated scheduling are communicated in one place.

PROBLEM: Sending and Tracking Venmo Requests for Payment isn’t a Scalable Solution

SOLUTION: TrueCoach Makes Payment from Athletes Quick And Seamless

Supported by Stripe, it’s easy to handle all payments through the TrueCoach system. Additionally, TrueCoach is 100% free for athletes, with no hidden fees, allowing them to pay directly for their coacing and nothing else.

PROBLEM: Coaching Includes Nutrition Consultations, but It’s Too Hard to Track

SOLUTION: TrueCoach Can Help Track Meals and Nutritional Progress

A coach needs to track an athlete’s progress in the gym as well as their nutritional habits. TrueCoach can help with in-app meal journals and third-party integration. As a result, coaches can better understand their athlete’s progress to adjust programs and suggest meal plans to boost their performance.

TrueCoach is a straightforward app for coaches to give their athletes the best training possible. If you are a certified USA Weightlifting coach, USAW has gifted you 3 free months of TrueCoach. Log into your USAW Learning Academy Portal to activate this special offer. 

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: November 15 2022

Last updated: January 11 2024