TrueCoach is a one-stop shop type of online training platform for coaches around the world.

The best part? It’s super easy to navigate, user-friendly and organized for both the coach and the client. This is exactly why I’ve been using it for the past few years. It’s all about getting my clients results through a simple-to-use platform.

New to TrueCoach and looking for a basic checklist to start? I’ve got you covered.

It all comes down to these 3 keys steps:

  • Creating The Client Profile
  • Creating The Training Program
  • Starting The Coach:Athlete Chat

Let’s get started.

Creating The Client Profile

Once you’re ready to onboard a brand new client to TrueCoach, it’s time to create their profile.

On the top of your screen, you’ll notice a ‘Clients’ link. Click that. This brings you to your client roster. You’ll notice an ‘Active’ section and an ‘Archived’ section. To your right, you’ll see a big, blue button that says ‘+Add client’. Click that.

If this client is going to train with you in a solely online/remote format, then it’s best to choose ‘Remote’ under ‘Type’. If they’re only in-person, then select the ‘In-Person’ option. If it’s somewhere in between, then select the ‘Dual’ option.

Now, be sure to properly input their first name, last name and email address, and then, click ‘Add client’. An invitation email will then be sent out to your new client, which will then prompt them to create a password, sign into their account and fill out other basic information. However, I always think that it’s good practice to send a follow-up email with the account invitation link that TrueCoach provides here as well.

Boom! Now, your new client will be added to your ‘Active’ roster on the ‘Clients’ page.

Creating The Training Program

Go ahead and click on the client’s name from your roster. Essentially, this brings you to their weekly workout calendar. This is where you can create their training program. The best part is that both you and your client have direct access to this page, so it allows for a lot of communication and chat to occur. More on that in a moment!

The simplest thing you can do next is to hover your mouse over any day of the week. You’ll see a four-square grid pop up. Click the ‘+’ on the top left, which creates an empty workout template for you.

I always like to give each workout day a specific title. For example, you could use ‘Day 1 – Week 1 – Phase 1’ as a way to keep track of each of these metrics over time. This also helps to provide clarity for your clients just in case they miss a workout. Trust me, it happens!

Now, since you’re the coach, go ahead and create the workout for your client in this empty template. Be sure to upload exercise videos, jot down all important coaching notes and add anything extra of your choosing for your client to succeed. Once you’re done, hit that blue ‘Save’ button at the bottom left corner of the workout template.

And, bam! That’s how you create a workout. Feel free to create as many workouts as you’d like for this client.

Starting The Coach:Athlete Chat

Once all workouts are written, it’s time to notify your client. I think the absolute best way to do this is to use the chat feature on TrueCoach. Go ahead and click that chat icon on the top left corner to open up a chat box between you and your client.

Now, what you write in here to the client is entirely up to you. I always like to keep it short and sweet, but also as a way to highlight the important stuff. Let them know that the training program is ready for them to use, to reach out here if they have any questions, and most importantly, to upload their exercise videos so that you can provide coaching feedback on their technique and form.

Keeping an open line of communication between the coach and athlete is the single most important thing you can do for a successful outcome.


With TrueCoach, you know for sure that both you and your clients get access to a user-friendly and organized online training platform. If you’re new to TrueCoach and not sure where to begin, be sure to lock in with these 3 keys: Creating The Client Profile, Creating The Training Program, and lastly, Starting The Coach:Athlete Chat.

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: December 13 2022

Last updated: January 11 2024