In the robust world of fitness coaching, TrueCoach has emerged as a revolutionary platform, designed to streamline the management of coaching businesses and enhance client engagement. But what truly sets TrueCoach apart is its strategic partnerships with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), two titans in the realm of fitness education and certification. 

Introduction to TrueCoach 

TrueCoach, a leading platform for fitness coaches and personal trainers, provides a comprehensive toolkit for managing client databases, customizing workout plans, tracking client progress, and facilitating seamless communication. It’s designed not just as a  

TrueCoach’s Partnerships with ISSA and NASM 

The crux of TrueCoach’s success lies in its collaborative efforts with ISSA and NASM, organizations revered for their scientific approach to fitness training and their rigorous certification programs. These partnerships are more than mere affiliations; they are bridges connecting coaches to unparalleled resources and educational tools. 

Exclusive Access and Benefits 

TrueCoach affiliations provide coaches with exclusive access to discounted certification courses from both ISSA and NASM, alongside a plethora of resources aimed at enhancing their expertise and marketability. This symbiotic relationship ensures that coaches using the TrueCoach platform are not only equipped with top-tier management tools but are also at the forefront of fitness research, trends, and techniques. 

The Value of Integrating TrueCoach with ISSA and NASM 

Integration with ISSA and NASM brings a wealth of knowledge directly into TrueCoach’s interface, allowing for a seamless blend of cutting-edge fitness science with practical application. 

Enhanced Coaching Tools 

With access to the latest research and techniques validated by ISSA and NASM, coaches can design workout plans that are not only effective but tailored to the unique needs and goals of their clients. This evidence-based approach ensures higher client satisfaction and results. 

NASM CEU Library Integration

One of the standout features of the partnership between TrueCoach and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) is the integration of the NASM Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Library directly within the TrueCoach platform. This integration provides coaches with unparalleled 24/7 access to a vast array of NASM’s CEU courses at discounted rates, right from their TrueCoach dashboard. This feature not only enhances the value TrueCoach offers to fitness professionals but also simplifies the process of continuing education and certification renewal. 

Top NASM Certifications Available Through TrueCoach 

Among the top NASM certifications available through this integration are cutting-edge courses like the NASM Science of Fat Metabolism, which offers insights into how the body processes and burns fat; Myofascial Interventions, focusing on techniques for myofascial release and its benefits for mobility and recovery; and the Corrective Exercise Series, designed to equip trainers with the knowledge to identify and correct common movement dysfunctions. These courses embody NASM’s commitment to evidence-based fitness education, providing TrueCoach users with tools to expand their expertise and enhance their training methodologies. 

ISSA’s Partnership with TrueCoach  

TrueCoach’s collaboration with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) similarly unlocks exceptional opportunities for fitness coaches, emphasizing not just professional development but also substantial financial savings on certifications. Through this strategic partnership, TrueCoach users can avail themselves of discounted rates on some of ISSA’s most sought-after certifications — an incredible boon that can save coaches hundreds of dollars while elevating their qualifications. 

Top ISSA Certifications Available Through TrueCoach 

For personal trainers looking to diversify their skill set and stand out in the fitness industry, ISSA offers a range of top certifications, each tailored to specific areas of expertise and client needs. Among the most notable available through TrueCoach include: 

  • Specialization in Nutrition: This certification provides deep insights into sports nutrition, offering strategies for crafting customized nutrition plans to meet clients’ fitness goals. 
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist: Focusing on injury prevention and rehabilitation, this certification equips trainers with the knowledge to design fitness programs that safely address common physical imbalances and prevent injuries. 

Each of these certifications is backed by ISSA’s renowned educational framework, which combines the latest scientific research with practical, real-world application. The synergistic relationship between TrueCoach and ISSA ensures that coaches have the necessary tools and knowledge to deliver top tier training services, ultimately fostering a more impactful coaching experience that transcends conventional boundaries and sets new standards in personal training excellence. 

Upgraded Client Experience 

Clients of TrueCoach-powered trainers enjoy the benefits of scientifically backed fitness programs, increased personalization, and the assurance that their coach is well-versed in the latest in fitness education. This level of professionalism and knowledge elevates the client experience significantly. 


Real-life success stories underscore the impact of TrueCoach’s partnerships. Many coaches report enhanced client progression, increased retention rates, and overall business growth after leveraging the combined power of TrueCoach with ISSA and NASM certifications. 

One particular testimonial from TrueCoach trainer and owner of Signature Kettlebell, Joshua Hughes highlights how using TrueCoach’s integration with the NASM CEU Library was an obvious choice.  

“As someone dedicated to staying abreast of the latest training methods, having access to a comprehensive library of CEUs through TrueCoach aligns perfectly with my commitment to continuous professional development.” – Joshua Hughes 

Read the full Q&A here. 


The strategic partnerships between TrueCoach, ISSA, and NASM embody a powerful synergy that elevates the coaching profession. By blending leading-edge technology with world-class fitness education, TrueCoach empowers coaches to deliver unparalleled service to their clients, propelling their businesses to new heights. 

For fitness coaches and personal trainers committed to excellence, exploring the TrueCoach partnerships with ISSA and NASM offers a pathway to elevating their practice, distinguishing their services, and achieving sustained success in the competitive world of fitness coaching 

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: May 29 2024

Last updated: May 29 2024