TrueCoach had the opportunity to chat with Owner of Signature Kettlebell, Joshua Hughes (@coach_joshuahughes) about how using TrueCoach’s integration with the NASM CEU Library was an obvious choice, and how it has not only improved his life, but the lives of his clients in turn.

Q: Why did you decide to sign up for the NASM CEU Library via TrueCoach?

I enrolled in the NASM CEU Library via TrueCoach because it presented a compelling monthly savings opportunity, making it an obvious choice. As someone dedicated to staying abreast of the latest training methods, having access to a comprehensive library of CEUs through TrueCoach aligns perfectly with my commitment to continuous professional development.

Q: How easy was it to sign up for the NASM CEU Library via TrueCoach?

The sign-up process was remarkably straightforward. A quick confirmation, and I was seamlessly integrated into the NASM CEU Library via TrueCoach – it literally took just a few clicks.

Q: How will the NASM CEU Library via TrueCoach impact you and your coaching business?

By leveraging the NASM CEU Library through TrueCoach, I not only ensure that I meet my CEU requirements efficiently but also gain access to an extensive repository of resources that will significantly enrich my knowledge in the fitness industry. This, in turn, empowers me to provide even greater value to my clients and stay ahead in the dynamic field of coaching.

Don’t miss out on the chance to save up to 33% on your continuing education units (CEUs) with TrueCoach’s NASM CEU Library integration! Learn more about the feature and all it can do for you here.

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: March 04 2024

Last updated: March 04 2024