Compliance Tracking

Each of your clients will have a 7, 30, and 90-day compliance rate. These percentages are calculated by the number of exercises completed vs. the number of exercises assigned in that time frame.

These provide a quick overview about your client's training habits. They can also help you discover trends that are potentially slowing their progress.

If their typical 30- or 90-day rate is in the 80-90% range, seeing a low 7-day rate might let you know it's time to investigate or schedule a check-in about the past week. On the other hand , a solid 7-day rate alongside a lower 90-day rate might show you that your client can hit it hard for some consecutive days but falls off after extended periods.

The dashboard gives you an overall compliance rate for all your clients. When you go into client management, you can see compliance numbers for individuals.

Also note, your clients do not have access to compliance numbers, so you have the freedom to use or communicate this information as you see fit.

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