Becoming a personal trainer is a rewarding career that is on track to expand as people return to the outside world with a renewed vigor to get active. The personal trainer industry is valued at $13 billion and has grown faster than the economy over the last five years.1 But it’s a little more involved than just gaining certification— you need to become a customer service pro and a smart business owner. After all, clients won’t just jump in your lap, nor will their hard-earned cash. TrueCoach is among the top-rated software in the industry to help you manage the day-to-day of running a business and interacting with clients. To become a power user, you must do these things within your first week of becoming a TrueCoach to have the best possible chance of succeeding. 
If you’re new to training professionally, you may not know how crucial it is to implement training software to manage your business and communicate with clients. More than 70% of business owners say they spend the most time on manual processes, day-to-day tasks, and putting out fires.2 A very small percentage say they have streamlined backend processes enough to have the luxury of spending their time on high-value tasks that earn money.3 This makes personal trainer software arguably the most important tool in your arsenal. With easy-to-use software like TrueCoach, you can build a workout in a matter of minutes, complete backend tasks in no time, and communicate with clients in one location. 

Get Acquainted with TrueCoach 

Like with any relationship, we’ll want to get to know each other better. Think of it as a courtship of sorts. TrueCoach has far more to offer than just building lightning-fast workouts; you can track nutrition, communicate with clients in real-time, and much more. Our software is optimal for trainers regardless of your level of tech-savviness, whether you train in-person or remotely, or you have two clients or 200. Watch our webinar to find out how to use TrueCoach and why you need our personal trainer software. You’ll be sure to swipe right after watching. 😉 

Add Your First Client 

Once you’ve created your login, it’s time to add a client. If you don’t have a paying client yet, we recommend making a client account and adding yourself as your first client. Why? It will help you get more accustomed to using TrueCoach to manage your business. Using the “Clients” tab on the search bar, you will see we have taken the liberty of adding a dummy account to help you get started with navigating. You can see which clients are active and archived, add them to specific groups, see their stats, and more.  
If you have a client base, we can’t stress enough how important it is to add their information and send them an invite link to join. Populating your client list will start to build out your feed. When you login in, TrueCoach will display updates in the form of a feed like social media. You can see who completed what, any issues you need to take care of immediately, and who isn’t meeting compliance. It is the fastest way to pinpoint who and what needs your time and attention.  


  1. Create a business Instagram account immediately. If you don’t have clients yet, you can post your own success story or videos about yourself (i.e., what made you become a trainer? Did you go through your own weight loss or recovery journey that you want to share with prospective clients?)   
  2. If you already have a client base, share your TrueCoach referral link to your social accounts. You will receive great perks for every coach that signs up using your referral link. Go to the “Referrals” tab to find your custom link to share! 

Create a Workout

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but TrueCoach is the market’s best and fastest workout builder. With our click-to-add functionality, you can build and assign a workout to a client in two minutes flat! We figured you may not have created your own videos yet, so we’ve taken the liberty of adding a video workout library with over 1000 videos of exercise movements you can share with clients.  
You don’t need to wait until you have clients to start building workouts. You can create a database of warmups, workout regimens, and cooldowns that you can easily assign to clients as soon as they sign up. Is there a specific routine you use on cardio days? Great! Build it and keep it in your TrueCoach account for easy deployment. Get rid of those pieced-together Word Docs and Excel spreadsheets.  


  1. Build a workout and assign it to yourself. You want to know what the client sees when they get a notification from you. When customers have questions, you can answer them quickly and efficiently.  
  2. Follow your workout routines on the client app. Can you keep up with the compliance rates you set? Are you having trouble using the timer to finish sets? Get to know the program from both sides for optimal success. 

Set Up Payments

TrueCoach uses Stripe for payments. Set up your account and watch the money roll in! You won’t have to chase down clients for fees or spend time on the backend adding in client payment information manually. Clients can enter their debit and credit information securely and from the comfort of their own homes. 
Once you set up your Stripe account, you can begin creating products, assigning subscriptions, and getting paid! 

TrueCoach is here to walk you through every step of the process to becoming a successful business owner through informational webinars, ebooks, and our top-rated customer service team at support@truecoach.co. Sign up now for a free trial and start raking in the big bucks! 💸 Happy training! 

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: November 09 2022

Last updated: January 11 2024