There are many elements to setting up a personal training business. First, a certification from one of the many top training providers is a great way to set yourself aside from the crowd. Personal training software like TrueCoach allows you to deliver workouts, stay connected with your clients, and easily manage your business. Beyond that, having equipment you can travel with and recommend to your clients – virtual and in person, is a great way to deliver an effective program.

But how do you and your clients stock up on equipment without breaking the bank? Thankfully, TrueCoach has partnered with Living.Fit, offering TrueCoach coaches and your clients 20% off essential Living.Fit trainer equipment. Don’t have a TrueCoach subscription? Receive 3 months free when you purchase any Living.Fit course.

Check out our recommendations for the essential equipment a trainer needs to get started.


Resistance bands are a great way to exercise the entire body without carrying hundreds of pounds of equipment. They’re incredibly portable and can be used indoors and outdoors to exercise the whole body. In addition, they’re functional, safe, and won’t break the bank. Living.Fit offers a set of four or six bands, each with a different resistance level for anything from pull-up assistance, powerlifting, warm-up and stretching, and more. 


Not just any kettlebells, but powder-coated kettlebells made from one solid piece of cast iron. Why? Most kettlebells tend to break after a few years of use, the handle disconnecting from the bell. One solid piece of cast iron guarantees the kettlebell will stay together for years. The power-coating also ensures an easier grip, even with sweaty hands, while making it easier for chalk to stick to the surface. 

Kettlebells in various weights offer a multitude of exercises for your clients while keeping your array of equipment relatively minimal. 


Part of a great workout is a solid warm-up and cool-down. A foam roller is one of the best ways to help with both. A high-density foam roller can help massage and relieve muscle tension. They’re easy to transport while offering effective results. However, finding a quality foam roller made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) is essential. Many rollers, made from PVC, lose their shape very quickly. EVA is a firmer foam that will bend but always regain its shape. 


A fantastic piece of personal training equipment that’s as affordable as it is portable. Exercise balls are beneficial when building your client’s core or using them for yoga and pilates exercises—the Living.Fit exercise ball also comes with a pump to deflate for travel and easily re-inflate for sessions. 


Jump ropes are a great way to increase cardio while saving your client’s joints from unnecessary pain. And when running or cycling isn’t an option, jump ropes can fill that needed space. Again, extremely portable and affordable, it’s the perfect companion for a traveling personal trainer or a client’s home gym. Additionally, a weighted rope is the ideal next step for your more advanced clients and athletes. Living.Fit’s five-pound jump rope adds the extra resistance that can help build endurance and muscle. 

If you’re new to personal training or are an experienced personal trainer, these five essential pieces of equipment are a must-have. And remember, all TrueCoach coaches and their clients can receive any of Living.Fit’s products for 20% off.

Not a TrueCoach member? Receive three months free when you purchase any Living.Fit course!

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: January 04 2023

Last updated: January 11 2024