A metric is anything you want to track the results of over a specific period of time and have it visually graphed. You have 100% control over what you want to track about your clients, so you and your clients can see their progress over time.

Common metrics used by coaches on TrueCoach are:

  • Basic Health Data (resting heart rate, basal metabolic rate, body fat %.)
  • Strength Numbers (back squat, bench press, deadlift.)
  • Movement Screens (flexibility/mobility measurements.)
  • Aerobic Capacity Tests (1-mile run, 5k row, VO2 max.)
  • Benchmarks and other Performance Markers.

These are only a handful of what you can track and graph.

As for your clients, they’ll be able to access their metrics from their profile page and see all the metrics you have assigned them in a graphical chart.

You can fully utilize Metrics during your .

Just add one client, pick a metric, and start tracking!

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