Whether you’ve been living with chronic and nagging pain for years or if you’ve recently experienced an acute injury, Airrosti are here to help find the root cause of your pain and offer treatment options for efficient, effective, and lasting relief.

Airrosti, which stands for Applied Integration for the Rapid Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries, is a healthcare group that specializes in providing rapid recovery treatment for soft tissue injuries. Their patient-focused care model aims to find the root cause of their patient’s pain and provide efficient, effective, and lasting relief, typically within 3-4 visits based on patient-reported outcomes

With their core values are centered around effective treatment, rapid recovery, and lasting results, Airrosti strives to find the root cause of their patient’s pain and offer efficient, effective, and lasting relief. With a large presence in the CrossFit and general fitness communities, Airrosti makes sense as a partner for TrueCoach.

Most personal trainers don’t have a network of medical professionals to provide trusted injury rehab at their fingertips. Partnering with Airrosti provides TrueCoach coaches with a trusted source to refer clients to if and when an injury occurs. This partnership ensures that coaches can keep their clients healthy and training, which puts more money in their pockets.

Airrosti hopes to help coaches and their clients stay pain-free and avoid long periods of inactivity due to injuries. By fixing the root cause of the injury without stopping physical activity, coaches can retain clients better and not have to worry about a medical provider telling them to stop physical activity or give up something they love.


Airrosti is offering complimentary Virtual Injury and Pain Chats to TrueCoach coaches and clients. These one-on-one calls allows you to speak with an Airrosti provider about an injury or pain. At the end of the call, our provider will give guidance to the participant if they should seek medical care, if Airrosti can fix it, or if there are some major red flags that might require further testing/surgery/etc.

For more details on this and the other Partner Perks available to TrueCoach coaches, check out our Partner Perks page here.

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: April 30 2023

Last updated: January 02 2024