TrueCoach had the opportunity to sit down with Kailua-Kona based Mind and Movement Coach, Xander Boger @xander.ology, to discuss how they use data from wearables to train their clients, and how it gives them a leg up on other competing coaches. 

Q: How Do You Use your Wearables? 

Since being able to connect my Garmin to sync with my TrueCoach I have been able to track my heart rate and begin collecting data points on myself first. For my clients with wearables, I ask for them to keep their watch on while they are sleeping to begin collecting more information as to their resting heart rates and sleep duration. 

Q: How Do You Use Data When You Train? 

I use my resting heart rate data points and sleep amount to link to performance, energy level, pain level, and mood changes. This information gives me a good idea whether I can push more, increase challenge or load, or modify to something less taxing on the body. 

Q: How Do You Adjust Your Clients Training Plans Based On Data? 

I adjust my clients training plans based on their collection of data points for their resting heart rate and sleep time to determine if we are able to progress in our exercises or learn a new technique. If my client is sleeping poorly and their heart rate is elevated then that gives me quick and clear information that they are not in a physical or emotional state to be pushed past their stress level threshold. 

Q: What Does Overall Performance Mean To You? 

Overall performance is huge for me. Personally, performance has been a direct link to my mental and emotional state. When I’m not prepared with enough sleep or I’m having a more stressful week my resting heart rate can be elevated throughout the night. Then, I walk away from my workout knowing and feeling like I didn’t perform at my best. Being able to have a preventative way to modify my workout depending on the data collected from my heart rate and sleep can allow me to perform safer and effectively. 

Q: What Are You Most Excited About With TC Integrating With Wearables? 

I’m most excited about having a more objective way to determine the state that my clients are performing (especially the full virtual ones). Most of my clients are virtual at the moment and it is so 

helpful to have more data points that I can collect both objective and subjective information from my client to maximize how I am modifying their program. 

Q: How Does This Impact What You’re Able To Offer As A Coach? 

This feels like a huge impact for how I am able to show up as a coach. Since most of my clients are virtual, having data points that I can use as an educational and a visualization to explain my process and how we will proceed with obtaining their goals. 

Learn more about how TrueCoach allows you to train with data from your clients’ wearables here!

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: March 01 2024

Last updated: March 01 2024