Understanding the intricacies of each stage of pregnancy is paramount for trainers aiming to provide the best care and guidance for expecting mothers. The partnership between TrueCoach and FIT4MOM stands as a testament to the importance of specialized education in this area, offering trainers an in-depth knowledge base and practical strategies tailored to the unique needs of women at every step of their pregnancy journey. This collaboration underscores the significance of equipping fitness professionals with the skills and understanding necessary to support maternal health and foster a safe, effective, and empowering training environment for pregnant clients. 

The 4th Trimester 

Understanding how to train your clients during pregnancy and beyond is crucial as a personal trainer. Notably, the 4th Trimester, which is the period between childbirth and medical clearance for movement, requires special attention and support. During this phase, your client’s physical recovery depends on rest, healing, and a mindful return to fitness, rather than her pre-pregnancy fitness levels. 

Encourage your clients to focus on personal well-being and healing during the initial six weeks postpartum. Stress the importance of a non-judgmental approach to recovery, ensuring they understand that everyone’s journey to healing is unique, and needs to be appreciated that way. 

The postpartum period comes with drastic changes in lifestyle and routine. Guide your clients to adjust their expectations about their workout schedules and emphasize the importance of overall well-being over striving to regain their pre-pregnancy shape. 

Continuing on this journey, let’s delve into the Start, Stop and Continue strategy for fitness during the 4th trimester. 


According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), gentle movements for new mothers can boost energy levels, promote better sleep, relieve stress, and could help in preventing postpartum depression. Encourage your clients to walk, at a comfortable pace. This exercise is not about intensity, but about reminding the body of its natural mobility. Deep breathing can also play a critical role in emotional well-being and physical recovery during this phase. 


Caution clients against rushing back into their old fitness routines. Overzealous exercise can pose risks to their healing process. Guide your clients to understand the signs of overexertion and regulate their activities accordingly. Encourage a focus on overall wellness that includes proper nutrition, hydration, rest, and intuitive movement. 


Emphasize the supreme importance of rest during the 4th Trimester. Encourage clients to get as much sleep as possible and to seek help from friends and family. Remind them to be patient and prioritize overall well-being over external pressures to ‘bounce back’ quickly. 

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: May 11 2024

Last updated: May 11 2024