Understanding the intricate changes the female body undergoes during pregnancy is crucial for fitness professionals seeking to provide the best care and guidance. TrueCoach Partner, FIT4MOM stands at the forefront of this educational endeavor, aiming to empower trainers with the knowledge and tools necessary to support pregnant women effectively. By focusing on the physiological transformations and the unique needs of expecting mothers, FIT4MOM endeavors to bridge the gap between general fitness training and prenatal care, ensuring that fitness routines are safe, beneficial, and tailored to support the health and well-being of both mother and child. 

The 3rd Trimester  

Throughout the 3rd Trimester, a woman’s body undergoes final adjustments in preparation for childbirth. These changes impact her ability to exercise. Weight gain, an expanding belly, spinal alignment issues, and the added load are some factors that influence her fitness routine during this trimester.  

While her total blood volume continues to rise, her heart rate will start stabilizing by the 3rd Trimester, and both stroke volume and cardiac output will decrease. Due to the growing uterus exerting pressure on the diaphragm, air volume in the lungs after exhalation reduces drastically. This impacts her oxygen availability and makes breathing more laborious. Potentially resulting in difficulty maintaining high-intensity workouts and experiencing breathlessness with even mild activities. 

Remember, her pelvic floor now more than ever needs to be compared to a hammock. It faces additional strain due to the expanding uterus, leading to a weakening of this muscle group. Muscles such as the glutes and lower back that connect to the pelvis also face added strain, making impact activities uncomfortable for some women. However, it’s vital to remember that every pregnancy is unique, and we want to empower expecting mothers to make their choices.  

Unfortunately, many pregnant women feel demotivated to continue exercising through the 3rd Trimester. It’s crucial to motivate your clients to maintain consistency. While they may feel drained, the appropriate form of exercise can boost their energy levels. Remind them about the connection between fitness and a smoother labor and delivery process.  

As fitness trainers, we’ve always encouraged expecting mothers to remain active throughout their pregnancy, right from the 1st to the 2nd and now the 3rd Trimester.  

Let’s delve into our 3rd Trimester fitness plan – what to Start, Stop, and Continue.  


Begin by focusing more on teaching them to synchronize releasing movements with her breathing. The 3rd Trimester is about helping her release out of all muscle contractions.  

Teach her to find a strong posture in between each repetition and use her inhalation to fully release tension from all her body muscles – especially pelvic girdle, floor, core, glutes, lower back, and shoulders.  


Training sessions that include prone positions should be discontinued. This refers to lying and plank poses. As the baby grows, such positions could strain her core front muscles due to the extra weight. If offering one-on-one sessions, watch out for her spine and pelvis if continuing with quadruped positions.  

However, we can modify the 3rd Trimester fitness routine: 

Consider alternatives like using an elevated surface, substituting traditional prone exercises with other exercises that focus on back and core strengthening without burdening her belly, or other core training in seated, side-lying, or standing positions. 


Encourage your clients to keep exercising in whichever way brings her the most joy and makes her comfortable to her. Help her understand that she can continue with impact exercises based on her comfort and choice.  

With the added fatigue, weight, and her body preparing for birth, she might want to lessen her workout intensity. But that is her choice.  

For more details and guidance, FIT4MOM has been a leading provider of prenatal and postnatal fitness since 2001. We are excited to announce our first-ever FIT4MOM’s Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Certification course available to all fitness professionals.  

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: May 08 2024

Last updated: May 08 2024