For personal trainers, managing finances is more than just keeping track of expenses – it’s about leveraging the right financial tools to boost savings, rewards, and overall quality of life. Deciding on the best bank account or credit card is pivotal, and with the fitness industry’s unique financial demands, making the right choice can mean substantial rewards. Here’s a list of top financial products that savvy personal trainers should consider integrating into their money management systems. 

1. High-Yield Savings Accounts 

In the fitness game, consistency pays off. The same can be said for savings. A high-interest savings account is like a marathon – a steady pace (or interest rate) over time adds up. Consider accounts like the Lili Online Banking Account, currently offering 4.15% APY, allowing you to automate your daily savings and receive an extra boost to your savings account. 

2. No-Fee Checking Accounts 

Just as you wouldn’t pile weights unevenly on a bar, you want a checking account that supports your financial growth equitably. SoFi, for instance, boasts no monthly fees, which can be a game-changer for avoiding unnecessary costs. For personal trainers with variable monthly income, a no-fee account offers peace of mind and the freedom to allocate resources where they are needed each month. 

3. Cashback Rewards Cards 

For every rep, there’s a reward with cashback cards. Look into offerings from Chase or American Express, where strategic spending categories can pay off with every purchase. Personal trainers who spend heavily on gym equipment or purchases for work-related education can see significant returns by earning a percentage of their money back with each swipe. 

4. Travel Rewards Cards 

For trainers jet-setting to fitness conferences or those who simply value global health and wellness learning, a travel rewards credit card might be the preferred choice. The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, for instance, makes earning travel miles straightforward. With a myriad of travel benefits and an appealing sign-up bonus, this type of card can make those business trips feel like a well-deserved vacation. 

5. Features to Look For 

When considering a financial companion, it’s important to focus on the attributes that will amplify your fitness business. Low or no annual fees, robust rewards programs, and attractive introductory offers are three pillars of financial products worth their weight in gold bars. 

Take the Discover it Cash Back card for example — with no annual fee, rotating 5% cashback categories, and a first-year cashback match for new cardmembers, it’s a trifecta of perks that can substantially boost your bottom line. 

6. Lifestyle Benefits 

Imagine a workout where every move you made saved you money. That’s the potential of integrating fitness-oriented lifestyle benefits into your financial regime. Many credit cards offer perks such as discounted or free gym memberships and fitness gear, so look for these added incentives that align with your personal and professional lifestyle. 

The American Express Gold Card, for example, offers statement credits for purchases with select fitness clubs, and the Chase Sapphire Reserve includes 10x Points on Peloton and other fitness brands. 


Selecting the right bank accounts and credit cards might seem like a back-burner task for personal trainers focused on the day-to-day grind of fitness. However, the impact a shrewd financial choice can have on your long-term success is substantial. Choosing the best financial products for your needs is just like crafting the perfect workout plan—a personalized, thorough, and goal-driven approach is key. With the right list of bank accounts and credit cards, personal trainers can not only fuel their fitness journeys but also take their financial health to the next level. 

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: April 03 2024

Last updated: April 03 2024