Optimizing Personal Training and Women’s Health Through Cycle Tracking with the Oura Ring 

In the quest for peak performance and holistic health, the convergence of fitness, technology, and personalized data has ushered in a new era of training. The Oura Ring, a discreet wearable that won’t disrupt your sense of style or comfort, has become the vanguard of this movement. Unlike bulky fitness trackers, Oura exudes elegance while silently gathering a treasure trove of data about your sleep, activity levels, and readiness to take on the day—crucial metrics for any committed athlete or health enthusiast. 

However, what sets the Oura Ring apart from the pack is its sophisticated menstrual cycle tracking feature, a groundbreaking development that provides invaluable insights into the female physiology, which until now, have largely been overlooked in the fitness industry. This advanced tracking capability is reshaping how personal trainers and female athletes approach training by aligning it with the body’s natural rhythms.

Wearables Q&A with Mind and Movement Coach Xander Boger

TrueCoach had the opportunity to sit down with Kailua-Kona based Mind and Movement Coach, Xander Boger, to discuss how they use data from wearables to train their clients, and how it gives them a leg up on other competing coaches.