The year is ending, and you’re probably scrambling to finish important tasks and help your clients reach those last-minute fitness goals before you indulge in good holiday cooking. This may be when you’re organizing your business financials for the upcoming tax season or finishing up your own last-minute to-do’s before you take a much-needed rest pre-2023. Amid the busy holiday season, it is vital not to forget to take a break, reflect, and be grateful for everything—especially your clients. What are you doing to show them that you care? Let us share with you some ways to show appreciation and some simple steps to take to prepare for an even more successful 2023 with your fitness business. 


You know what it means to be “on the grind” and build a business from the ground up. As much as people like to tout how they’ve “started from the bottom” or accomplished everything by themselves, that certainly isn’t always true. You’ve perfected your craft, become a certified trainer, and continued to hone your skills over these years, but what allows you to do that? The people who believed in you enough to sign up for that first session, renew those sessions, and put in the work with you. It’s time to say thank you. Since it’s the season of giving, have you thought about giving back to your customers? Here are some ideas. 

🎁Give away some free merchandise. Do you have boxes of merch lying around that you can afford to get rid of? Maybe you plan on phasing out some t-shirts or water bottles for new and improved versions? Give them to your clients! It may not seem like much, but a kind gesture goes a long way.  

🎁Consider having a holiday giveaway. If you can’t give something to all your clients, consider having one giant giveaway. You can have a one-week fitness challenge where the top three contestants receive a free month of training, a spa gift card, or something fancier like a fitness tracker.  

🎁Share a unique discount code for the upcoming year. Only you know your financials and what you can spare. You can always send out a discount code that customers can use on merch or towards their monthly subscription fee in the new year.  


Are you a new fitness business owner, or have you yet to turn a profit? It’s okay. We still recommend showing your appreciation via an email blast to say, “Thank You.” Fancy gifts and coupon codes are not required. You could share any exciting plans coming for 2023 that clients can look forward to.  


In addition to showing your clients how much you appreciate them, there are also some small things you can do to prime yourself for the upcoming year.  

🥂Visit TrueCoach’s Learning Center. We’ve always made it a top priority to lead all our coaches to success with our insightful blog posts, downloads, and webinars. We have a lot of gems that you can take with you and put into practice for the new year, like: 
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🥂Don’t be too hard on yourself. To all of you workaholics out there, you can have a cheat day, too! Avoid burnout by taking a breather and patting yourself on the back for everything you’ve accomplished this year! Was this past year not all you dreamed it would be? Did 2022 test your patience and your resolve? Be grateful that you’re here to learn from the past and create a better plan for your business in the future.  

🥂Prepare for the January gym rush. We’ve all heard of it―people clamoring to the gym to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions of shedding those holiday pounds and trying to start a healthier lifestyle. January is typically the most successful month for fitness facilities, where 12% of all sign-ups happen in this month as opposed to just 8% for the rest of the year.1 Although most of these fitness “resolutionists” will cancel their membership by the end of February, roughly 20% of them will stick to their new plans at least through October.2 Don’t forget to tailor a plan to reel them in and nurture them through to the end. 

As the year winds down and we’re finally pulling ourselves out of a pandemic, it’s time to look back on how far we’ve come and how much further we can go. We’ve all faced difficulties in the last few years, but keeping a positive mindset is the most important thing. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!  


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Article by TrueCoach

First published: December 18 2022

Last updated: January 11 2024