Most business owners work on average 50 hours per week, with only 31% of that time being spent on activities that lead to business growth.1 Keeping up with social media accounts consumes a lot of that time. Social media has become a necessary tool for marketing, brand awareness, and customer engagement – especially for personal trainers who are looking to increase their client count. If you’re looking for a way to lessen the time you spend updating social accounts, follow our tips on ways to maximize social output without using all your free time.  

  1. Know Your Demographic: This may seem obvious, but many creators waste time making content for Tik Tok when most of their customer base uses Twitter. If most of your clients are over 35, Facebook is likely their go-to platform. Do you primarily train millennial females? Instagram and Tik Tok would be the more effective choices.  

Pro Tip: Not sure how to find out what your demographic is? Most social profiles allow you to see insights or audiences under your Profile or Settings tab.  

  1. Check the Competition: Now that you know where to post, you may wonder what to post. It doesn’t hurt to check out your competition or favorite brands to see how often they post and what kinds of posts they make. Are they still photos, reels, or videos? Do they go live often? Competitions, polls, and videos are among the most effective types of posts.  
  2. Create a Content Calendar: Trust us; this is not busy work. It is imperative to know what you’re posting and when. If possible, you should be posting every single day, especially if you’re in the stages of building your brand. For example, every Sunday could be a post about meal prepping followed by a recipe. Mondays can be reserved for sharing new exercises, and Wednesdays can be for posting client results (with their permission, of course). With a detailed schedule, it is easier to track which days and what types of posts garner the most engagement. As you build and collect data, you can alter your schedule accordingly.  
  3. Make Your Content in Bulk: Trying to film, edit, and post a video daily is not practical and is a major time drain. Is Friday a free day for you? You can film all different types of content and footage in just one day. It will leave you with lots of footage to edit over time. For example, you can film an entire workout session and use footage from it for several days to weeks. If you’ve scrolled through Instagram, many of your favorite creators link their Tik Toks to Instagram or vice versa.  
  4. Don’t Set It and Forget It: Even if you have all your posts lined up and ready to go, you should quickly check to ensure they’re still relevant. Were you going to plug a new whey protein on Friday that was recalled Thursday night? Were you going to post the best outdoor group workout, but a new socially distancing mandate hit the news two days before? Keep up with current events, trends, and information to ensure your posts aren’t dated before uploading them.  

There are plenty of apps on the market that will completely automate posts, sync them across platforms and provide you with insightful data. Automating posts is possible, but it is only successful to an extent. It all depends on what works for you and your business. If you become large enough with a budget to boot, hiring a social media manager down the line may be the way to go. For now, starting with these easy-to-implement steps will help you learn and value the importance of putting some TLC into your social accounts. 

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: August 09 2023

Last updated: January 11 2024