In an era where social media vastly shapes our perception of the world, seeking out representation across platforms has become a crucial part of a media diet. This is especially true in industries like fitness, where motivation, guidance, and inspiration are key to promoting healthy lifestyles. For many, Instagram serves as a daily source of fitness tips and tricks, providing a window into a world of wellness. Diversifying your media consumption will not only keep you up to date on how the industry is constantly reshaping itself, but will expose you to some of the industry’s top talent that you’ve been missing out on!

In seeking to contribute to this movement, it’s essential to highlight and feature Black fitness coaches on Instagram who are excelling in their field and setting trends.. As a personal trainer, fitness coach, or simply a wellness enthusiast, following these trailblazers is not just about diversity; it’s about learning from some of the best in the game. Here, we’ll spotlight a selection of Black fitness coaches and entrepreneurs whose content is changing the game and invite you to join the thousands of followers who are benefiting from their expertise.

Black Personal Trainers

Dedicated to crafting personalized workout regimes and being the motivational backbone for many, the role of personal trainers on Instagram is one of close interaction and individual growth. These are the personal trainers who are not only leading fitness routines but are crafting unique and engaging content that resonates with their audience. Let’s meet some of the most influential Black personal trainers who are shaping the fitness narrative on social media.

Alex Simmons – @averageblackman

With a feed that’s a blend of fitness inspiration, motivational messages, and informative posts, Alex Simmons is redefining what lifestyle transformation looks like. His unique take on combining fitness, mindfulness, and community building has garnered a loyal following. He promotes accessible fitness, making no excuses acceptable.

Lystus Ebosele – @_fit.stys

Lystus Ebosele, better known as @_fit.stys, has shaped her account into a haven for both seasoned gym-goers and beginners alike. Her philosophy revolves around empowering everyone. With a mix of custom workout plans, dietary advice, and female-specific content, Lystus breaks barriers and stereotypes that fitness is a one-size-fits-all journey. Her actionable advice and genuine engagement with her followers have created a dynamic and powerful space for dialogue and growth.

Black Fitness Coaches

Beyond the one-on-one training paradigm, fitness coaches use Instagram as a platform to share their wisdom on a broader scale. These influencers have mastered the art of building online communities, transforming Instagram into a public gym where tips, routines, and support are freely given.

Coach Tuan – @lonevacation

As a discipline and accountability coach, Tuan’s personal story of overcoming physical and emotional struggles is the cornerstone of his coaching approach. His content is not just about lifting weights but also about elevating mental health and self-esteem. Through his thoughtful captions and authentic storytelling, he creates an environment where his followers feel understood and empowered to take charge of their well-being.

Nathaniel Massiah – @nathanielmassiah

Dedicated to breaking boundaries, Nathaniel is the go-to coach for those seeking a guide to breaking through self-imposed barriers. His Instagram is a treasure trove of workout inspiration, success stories, and motivational videos. His engagement on current fitness trends and research makes his profile a current resource for the driven and motivated.

Black Fitness Entrepreneurs

While training and coaching are crucial, the fitness industry also thrives on innovation and entrepreneurship. The business minds behind the workout programs, the product lines, and the tech advancements are equally important. The following Black fitness entrepreneurs have not only built successful businesses but have used Instagram to share their journey and inspire others.

Yemi Adefioye – @yemiifbbppro

Adefioye, also known as @yemiifbbpro, has turned his passion for fitness into a multi-faceted brand. A professional bodybuilder, he now stands as an admired coach and brand ambassador. His online presence is a mixture of actionable fitness tips and campaigns promoting self-determination. Yemi’s entrepreneurial approach serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to turn their passion for fitness into a thriving business.

Oyinda Fitness – @oyinda_fitness

Oyinda, the founder of @oyinda_fitness, is all about bringing the fitness “aesthetic” to life. Focusing on holistic health, her brand encompasses workout apparel, fitness accessories, and her personal training services. Her emphasis on not just the act of working out but the ambiance it creates is evident in her vibrant Instagram feed. From upbeat workout routines to stylish fitness gear, Oyinda’s account is a reflection of her successful integration of lifestyle and fitness in an absolutely inspirational package.

Elijah Muhammad – @elijahezmuhammad

Elijah is the co-founder of Project Onyx, a nonprofit against systemic racism by eliminating the disparities that Black Americans and other POC face in the health and fitness world. His content is an inspirational mix of workouts, behind-the-scenes, and events that he hosts to better the lives of the individuals whom he impacts. Elijah is a rising star in the CrossFit community and someone to look to for inspiration no matter what stage in your fitness journey you are.


The importance of diversity in the fitness industry cannot be overstated. Diversifying your feed diversifies your knowledge and experiences leading to a more inclusive and robust industry. As we strive towards inclusivity and a reflection of the true fabric of society, recognizing and supporting the work of these trailblazers is crucial. The fitness world is more than just sets and reps; it’s community, inspiration, and most importantly, it’s about seeing oneself in the narratives that promote a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s joining in on home workouts, absorbing motivational messages, or learning from expert advice, these Black fitness coaches are not just profiles to follow—they are voices to listen to, engage with, and celebrate. It’s time to not only be an ally but an active participant in a more representative fitness culture.

Article by TrueCoach

First published: February 22 2024

Last updated: April 22 2024