Email Notifications

You can customize what notifications you get via email or in the TrueCoach mobile app. You will know what’s going on without having to remember every detail about every client, which enables you to be in tune with your clients and yourself.

You can control what notifications you get such as:

  • When a client sends you a message in TrueCoach.
  • When a client makes a comment on a workout.
  • When a client updates a metric.
  • When a client completes a workout.
  • When a client uploads their progress photos.

Your client also receives email notifications. These notifications remind your client when their next workout is, and if they’ve missed a workout or two, TrueCoach will send them follow-up reminders.

Check out the notification features with our , and see what a relief it will be when you don’t have to remember the small details.

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