TrueCoach for Private Practitioners

Personalized software for chiropractors, occupational therapists & physiotherapists

Take your patients’ recovery to the next level with TrueCoach. Our innovative platform provides you with the tools and resources needed to enhance patient care and achieve successful outcomes. Take the first step towards a better recovery experience and trial TrueCoach today.

Your Time

Take back control of your schedule and focus on what matters most - your patients. With TrueCoach, easily create customized programs using our lightning-fast program builder featuring a user-friendly click-to-add interface. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your patients' progress by reviewing a monthly overview and use this knowledge to inform your program design.

End Accountability

Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking patient progress. With TrueCoach, you get real-time updates on compliance numbers, giving you the power to motivate and support your patients towards achieving their goals.

Your Practice

End the tedious task of scouring YouTube for workouts and linking them to spreadsheets. Instead, upload your own custom exercise videos to TrueCoach and watch as they are automatically linked to the relevant exercises. Alternatively, explore our extensive library of over 3,000 pre-loaded strength and conditioning exercise videos for added convenience

Set Your Patients Up For Success

Achieve better outcomes and enhance patient care with TrueCoach. Our platform provides you with the latest tools and technology to design and deliver personalized exercise programs in as little as 2 minutes. With custom metrics and goals, you can easily track progress and keep patients motivated.

Plus, with real-time messaging, communication has never been easier.

Manage more patients with less admin work with TrueCoach for Private Practitioners

You can stop the time-sucking admin tasks that pull you away from your patients and start providing a professional, one-to-one, personalized exercise experience that scales your business.

Custom Exercise Videos

Store all of your exercise videos privately within TrueCoach, or link directly to videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, to create your own video library.

Fastest Workout Builder In The Industry

Design and deliver personalized exercise programs in as little as 2 mins. The TrueCoach free-form workout builder does not hold you back or lock you into a certain style of programming.

Custom Metrics And Goals

Tracking your patients’ recovery has never been so simple. Easily log exercise history and metrics so both you and your patients can see how far they’ve come.

Easy Patient Workout Logging

Your patients can quickly log their exercises, review past results, post comments, or ask you questions all from the free TrueCoach mobile app.

Custom Theming

Customize your account with your logo and colors. We offer a selection of custom color schemes, making it easy to configure TrueCoach to match your branding.

Real Time Messaging

All practitioner-to-patient communication is kept secure and in one place, so you never lose track of a message or miss an important patient conversation.

Team Accounts

All TrueCoach plans include support for teams. Invite new coaches to your team, share your exercise library and programs, and scale your coaching business to new levels.

Client Management

Manage all of your patients and their workouts in one place. We make it easy to add new patients, deliver personalized workout plans, track progress, and stay on top of communication.


Keep all of your admin tasks in one place with TrueCoach Payments. Set up through Stripe, TrueCoach payments makes collecting your revenue a breeze by accepting credit and debit card payments almost instantly.

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