Women in Fitness: Stats, Stories and Strategies for Breaking Down Barrier

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Meet the speaker

Kelly Sekulovski

Co-Founder of Femme Fit Society and CrossFit Coach

As the co-founder of a women’s health and fitness newsletter, Kelly is passionate and committed to addressing authentic fitness and lifestyle concerns for women.

  • Leads Advertising and Partnerships at the Morning Chalk Up
  • Collaborates with some of the largest brands in the fitness space
  • Holds certifications as a Crossfit Level 1 Coach and NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Meet the speaker

Dr. Erin Nitschke

Professor of Exercise Science and Program Director of Science at Laramie County Community College

Dr. Erin Nitschke is an education innovator and creator and collaborator of TrueCoach for the Classroom.

  • Two decades of experience in exercise science instruction.
  • Holds multiple certifications, including ACE-CPT, ACE Health Coach, NSCA-CPT, NFPT-CPT, Pn1, DSWI Certified Health Coach.
  • Actively publishes for ACE, IDEA, and NFPT on topics like personal training, health coach skills, behavior change, and career success.

Meet the speaker

Maureen (Mo) Hagan

Global Fitness Ambassador and creator of GoodLife exclusive program, NEWBODY

Maureen Hagan, or Mo as she is best known, is a global fitness ambassador, recognized for her work and leadership in the fitness industry that spans almost 4 decades.

  • Recognized as Canada’s Top 10 Women of Power in 2020
  • Licensed Physiotherapist
  • Creator of the GoodLife exclusive program NEWBODY, a class that helps inspire women to build whole-body strength

Empowering Women in Fitness: Download Our Ebook Today!

Welcome to our groundbreaking ebook, "Stats, Stories, and Strategies: Breaking Down Barriers for Women in Fitness." Embrace the beauty of exercise's inclusivity while addressing gender disparities within the fitness industry. This resource provides recent statistics, historical milestones, challenges faced by women, actionable strategies for success, and inspiring stories from influential female fitness leaders.

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Why Download?

  • Stats: Women in the Fitness Industry Explore the gender gap in executive positions despite women dominating fitness roles.
  • A Brief History of Women in Fitness Trace the significant contributions of women from England's first fitness instructor in 1827 to Jane Fonda's iconic workouts in 1982.
  • Challenges Women Face Today Understand the obstacles like the ever-present glass ceiling, wage gap, imposter syndrome, and the unique impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Strategies for Success Discover actionable strategies to empower women, including networking, open dialogue, positive feedback, embracing mistakes, finding mentors, and fostering allyship.

Real Stories from Fitness Leaders

Featuring interviews with influential women like Betina Gozo Shimonek, Nike Global Trainer, gain insights into their journeys, lessons learned, and valuable advice. Join us in inspiring positive change, fostering gender equality, and paving the way for tomorrow's female leaders in the dynamic fitness industry.

Breaking Down Stereotypes

Explore how women in fitness are challenging stereotypes and reshaping the industry's narrative. From body positivity movements to breaking barriers in sports, discover inspiring stories of resilience and determination.

Career Opportunities for Women

Delve into the diverse career paths available for women in the fitness industry beyond traditional roles. Learn about opportunities in leadership, entrepreneurship, technology, and education, and how women are making their mark in these fields.

Amplifying Female Leadership

Discover initiatives and organizations dedicated to amplifying female voices and leadership in the fitness world. From mentorship programs to advocacy efforts, explore how these platforms are fostering gender equality and driving positive change.

Women Supporting Women

Uncover the power of women supporting women in the fitness community. Explore networking opportunities, online communities, and support groups designed to connect and empower women on their fitness journeys.

Intersectionality in Fitness

Examine the intersection of gender with other aspects of identity, such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, and ability, within the fitness industry. Learn about initiatives and campaigns focused on promoting inclusivity and diversity in fitness spaces.

Creating Safe and Welcoming Environments

Explore strategies for creating safe and inclusive fitness environments where all women feel respected, valued, and empowered to pursue their health and wellness goals. From inclusive programming to sensitivity training, discover best practices for fostering diversity and belonging.

Embracing the Future of Women in Fitness

Reflect on the progress made and the work that lies ahead in creating a more equitable and inclusive fitness industry for women. Join us in championing diversity, breaking down barriers, and empowering women to thrive in every aspect of fitness and wellness.