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WB - The Corporate Advantage: Why You Need Corporate Clients & How To Get Them

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Webinar Insights:

  • Corporate Sector Importance: Explore why coaching in the corporate sector is crucial and discover the untapped opportunities for growth that it presents.
  • Becoming a Wellness Sherpa: Gain strategies and insights on becoming a Wellness Sherpa, guiding individuals and organizations toward optimal health and wellness.
  • Pragmatic Approach to Success: Learn a pragmatic approach to winning corporate accounts and clients, focusing on practical and actionable steps that ensure success.

Meet the speaker

Dan Rogers

Co-Founder/ Head Coach at rxRecourse

Join Dan Rogers, the Co-Founder and Head Coach at rxRecourse, as he shares over 15 years of experience in transforming lives through Corporate Health & Wellness Solutions. With a mission to prioritize well-being and achieve goals, Dan has worked with renowned organizations such as ZimmerBiomet, Medtech Canada, Smith+Nephew, and RBC.

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