Elevate Your Coaching Career:

From Side Hustle to Six-Figure Success

Join Michelle Blakely, a seasoned fitness business veteran, and discover the strategies to transition from a side gig to a rewarding six-figure career as a personal trainer. Uncover the not-so-sexy secrets that successful trainers implement for profitability and client retention.

WB - From Side Hustle to Six-Figure Success

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Webinar 1:
The Not-So-Sexy Secrets of 100K Trainers

  • Let’s Assess and Define our Status Quo Understand your current standing and set the stage for profitable growth.
  • Analysis of Where We Make the Most Money Identify key areas for revenue generation.
  • 14 Rapid Fire Secrets That Ensure Profitability Uncover actionable secrets that lead to profitability.

Meet the speaker

Michelle Blakely

with See Jake and Jane Train

As a two-time Chicago’s best personal trainer, Michelle Blakely brings over 20 years of fitness business expertise. The founder of See Jake and Jane Train, she enlightens fitness professionals on innovative ways to run successful businesses. Michelle’s clients witness significant revenue increases and impressive returns on investment through her proven online courses and personalized coaching.

Webinar 2: Side Hustle to Six-Figure: Successfully moving into affluent, full-time training

  • Bio Hacks and Your Ideal Client Define your ideal client and leverage bio hacks for success.
  • The Graceful Exit Navigate a smooth transition from a side hustle to a full-time career.
  • Why Free Fails Understand the pitfalls of offering free services.
  • Where Will the Clients Come From? Strategize on sourcing and attracting clients.
  • Efficiency Hacks for Greater Revenue Optimize your business processes for increased revenue.

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Time: 30 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A