Mastering Proper Form:

Mastering Proper Form In Workouts

Insights from TRX® Veterans: Miguel Vargas & Fraser Quelch

Learn from internationally renowned TRX® veterans, Miguel Vargas and Fraser Quelch. As founding members of the revolutionary TRX® training company, they bring over a decade of expertise, recognized for their award-winning presentations at global conferences, including TEDx.

WB - Critical Cuing and Functional Training

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Webinar Insights:

  • TRX® Basic Use Concepts: Explore fundamental concepts to leverage TRX® effectively in your workouts.
  • Five Critical Cues for Better Training: Delve into TRX®’s essential cues to ensure proper form and movement in your training sessions.
  • Coaching for Successful Clients: Understand how better coaching, rooted in proper form, leads to more successful clients.
  • The Power of Proper Form: Join Miguel and Fraser in this exclusive TrueCoach webinar to grasp game-changing critical cues that transcend equipment and functional training. Elevate your workouts, apply expert tips, and empower your clients to perform at their best. Watch now to unlock the transformative potential of mastering proper form.

Meet the speaker

Fraser Quelch

This internationally renowned expert is a founding team member of the revolutionary TRX® training company and an award-winning presenter featured at conferences and events worldwide, including an appearance on the TEDx stage. Fraser combines an animated, entertaining style with his knowledge and gift to motivate and inspire. His provocative presentations have been known to stretch the minds of his audiences and provide relevant and effective training solutions in a practical setting.

Meet the speaker

Miguel Vargas

For over ten years, Miguel has been a key factor at TRX®. Whether teaching classes at the flagship San Francisco studio or presenting in front of hundreds of athletes at trade shows worldwide, Miguel delivers the ultimate TRX® physical and educational experience. When Miguel is not in front of a class, he is either behind the camera, shooting the latest and greatest TRX® digital content, or working with the TRX® education team to help meet the ever-evolving demands of the fitness community.  When he takes his work hat off, Miguel plays with his two kiddos, enjoys the pool, or goes wherever the day takes him. 

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Mastering Proper Form for Injury Prevention

Learn essential techniques to prevent injuries and maximize the effectiveness of your workouts.

Understanding Proper Form and Technique

Emphasizing Full Range of Motion

  • Execute exercises with a full range of motion to engage muscle groups effectively and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Ensure proper form by starting with the correct body position and maintaining it throughout each movement.

Breathing and Muscle Engagement

  • Focus on breathing rhythmically throughout the exercise to maintain good oxygen flow to muscles and prevent fatigue.
  • Engage the major muscle groups by actively contracting them during both the lifting and lowering phases of each exercise.

Implementing Expert Cues in Strength Training

Leveraging Body Weight Exercises

  • Incorporate body weight exercises to improve functional strength and stability while minimizing the risk of injury.
  • Pay attention to form and technique, especially in exercises like push-ups, squats, and lunges, to ensure proper alignment and movement.

Using Proper Equipment and Accessories

  • Utilize equipment such as TRX® straps to add variety to your workouts while promoting stability and balance.
  • Follow expert cues provided by TRX® veterans Miguel Vargas and Fraser Quelch to perform exercises correctly and reduce the risk of injury.

By mastering proper form and technique, you can prevent injuries, optimize your workouts, and achieve better results in your fitness journey. Partner with a certified personal trainer to receive personalized guidance and instruction tailored to your needs and goals.