Fitness For Flourishing
Positive Psychology and the Future of Fitness

Join this exclusive webinar to learn how to avoid burnout as a coach, the science of wellbeing, and the power of self-reflection to bring passion to your coaching business.

WB - Positive psychology future of fitness

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Things you'll learn:

  • About the field of Positive Psychology and how are fitness professionals uniquely positioned to help client's thrive
  • How the skills of wellbeing science can support you in navigating challenging clients to live fuller, healthier lives
  • Using Positive Psychology tools and mindset to support your own wellbeing journey
  • Using a Whole Self Model approach to support clients' successful lifestyle transformations
  • Where to start when clients say they "just want to be healthy" or are training for mental health and wellbeing

This webinar is best for:

  • Fitness Coaches
  • Personal Trainers
  • Wellness Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs

For millions of coaches, the excitement of starting and running their own fitness business and escaping the 9-5 is paramount. However, all too often burnout and stress can prevent us from following those dreams and creating our dream lives.

In this webinar, renowned positive psychology expert Darlene Marshall approaches the intersection of fitness and wellbeing, approaching how we as fitness professionals can support our clients while also living better.

Meet the speaker

Darlene Marshall

Positive Psychology expert

Darlene Marshall is a Positive Psychology expert at the intersection of fitness, wellness, and wellbeing.  She has helped hundreds of clients and thousands of workshop participants to build wellbeing and harness vitality including celebrities, ambassadors, creatives of all kinds, and everyday folks over her 13 year fitness career.  She was a contributing author to NASM’s Certified Wellness Coaching course and has spoken at conferences all over North America.  In 2021 BurnAlong named Darlene “America’s Favorite Trainer” and she hosts the Better Than Fine podcast on the NASM podcast network.

Darlene has a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, is certified as a Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer with additional certifications in nutrition coaching, sleep, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and more.

Stop letting burnout get in the way of your coaching dreams.

TrueCoach has always been a platform made by coaches, and for coaches. We know that coaching goes far beyond the gym, and too often we carry that stress home with us. Join us on February 28 to learn how to lengthen your coaching career, and maximize your potential.