Mastering Social Media: Your Blueprint To Signing Up Your Next 5 Clients

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Personal Trainers, Fitness Coaches, Gym and Studio Owners, and Nutrition Coaches
who want to use social media to generate leads.

  • Unlock the Power of Your Social Media
  • Crafting Profiles and Messages that Magnetize Dream Clients
  • Learn Daily Strategies to Initiate Conversations with Potential Clients
  • Discover the Latest Trends in Social Media and How to Harness Them for Maximum Lead Generation and Client Acquisition

Meet the speaker

Daniel Stott

CEO & Co-Founder, Fortis

Dan has taken Fortis from an idea on a whiteboard 4 years ago to a business that has now worked with over 2,000 fitness professionals, helping them grow and scale their businesses. A former professional athlete, Dan built a career in the tech industry, helping scale two separate global businesses, one of which, Just Eat (Uber Eats major global competitor), floated on the London Stock exchange at a valuation of $2.44bn

Meet the speaker

Georgia Crouch

Head of Marketing, Fortis

Georgia has been the pioneer of all things marketing at Fortis. She has created the playbooks and methodologies used by thousands of Personal Trainers, Fitness Coaches and Gym owners that Fortis has worked with over the past 4 years. Tens of thousands of clients have found their coaches or gyms thanks to the tactics that Georgia has implemented and millions of dollars in revenue earned as a result.