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TrueCoach's Guide to Mastering Pricing

Welcome to "Mastering the Art of Pricing: TrueCoach's Guide to Getting Paid Your Worth." As a fitness business owner, setting the right price for your personal training sessions is an art, and TrueCoach is here to empower you with effective strategies. Learn how to communicate your value, defend your prices, and skillfully respond to pricing pressure, ensuring you get paid what you're worth.

WB - Know Your Value: Price Yourself Right

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Webinar Insights:

  • Decoding the Psychology of Haggling
    Understand the Why:Delve into the non-financial motivations behind negotiating. Learn how factors like the desire for achievement, affiliation, dominance, and the thrill of getting a deal contribute to the psychology of haggling. TrueCoach equips you to navigate these aspects for confident pricing.
  • Curbing Pricing Pushback Before It Happens
    Setting the Right Price:
    Discover the pitfalls of pricing too low and the importance of attracting the right customers. TrueCoach emphasizes the role of consultations in understanding potential clients' needs, helping you avoid pushback by aligning pricing with value.
    Maintaining Professionalism:
    Present yourself professionally online and in-person to mitigate unwanted negotiations. From a well-designed website to branded attire, TrueCoach guides you on instilling confidence in potential clients, reducing the likelihood of pushback.
  • Recognizing and Responding to Price Pushback
    Identifying Pushback Techniques:
    Learn to recognize common pushback techniques like anchoring, hitting back on perceived high prices, experiencing sticker shock, and cherry-picking aspects of a service. TrueCoach equips you with insights to identify these techniques in real-world scenarios.

    Crafting Effective Responses:
    Navigate through pushback scenarios with confidence using TrueCoach's nuanced responses:

    Anchoring Technique: Take control of the conversation and offer alternative solutions.

    Hitting Back on Price: Communicate your worth and pricing rationale confidently.

    Sticker Shock: Address the shock with understanding and highlight the broader value you bring.

    Cherry-Picking: Clarify available packages, suggest alternatives, and emphasize proposed offerings' value.

    Pressure Tactic: Politely ask for time to consider, avoiding hasty decisions.

Meet the speaker

Michelle Blakely

with See Jake and Jane Train

As a 20-year fitness business veteran, Blakely is on a mission to help her fellow fit pros thrive! Twice named Chicago’s best personal trainer by the Chicago reader, Michelle’s second company, See Jake and Jane Train, enlightens fit pros on better, brilliant ways to run their businesses. See Jake and Jane Train clients enjoy revenue increases of 18–142% and ROIs in just 35 days with proven online courses and tailored one on one business coaching. Blakely writes and presents nationally for the NSCA, PFP, WIFA, Club Industry, AFS, Iron Radio, and SCW. She is a go-to source for publications including Good Housekeeping, Prevention, and Oprah.com.

Conclusion: Confidence, Respect, and Quality Service

In conclusion, TrueCoach reinforces the principles of confidence, respect, and quality service in responding to price pressure. Elevate your stance with strategic discounts, exceptional customer service, and exude the confidence of a valued expert.