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WB - Innovation in Education: TrueCoach Revolutionizes the Classroom Experience

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Webinar Insights:

  • Revolutionizing Classroom Experience: Explore how TrueCoach transforms traditional learning into an interactive and practical fitness education experience.
  • Interactive Learning Modules: Dive into engaging modules that enable learners to adopt a technology-driven approach to their fitness studies.
  • Implementation Best Practices: Discover the best practices for seamlessly integrating TrueCoach into the fitness education curriculum.

Meet the speaker

Dr. Erin Nitschke

Professor of Exercise Science, ACE-CPT, ACE Health Coach, NSCA & NFPT CPT, Pn1

As a 20-year fitness business veteran, Blakely is on a mission to help her fellow fit pros thrive! Twice named Chicago’s best personal trainer by the Chicago reader, Michelle’s second company, See Jake and Jane Train, enlightens fit pros on better, brilliant ways to run their businesses. See Jake and Jane Train clients enjoy revenue increases of 18–142% and ROIs in just 35 days with proven online courses and tailored one on one business coaching. Blakely writes and presents nationally for the NSCA, PFP, WIFA, Club Industry, AFS, Iron Radio, and SCW. She is a go-to source for publications including Good Housekeeping, Prevention, and

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