Building a Thriving Personal Training Business:

Starting a personal training business

Discover the Secrets to a $100,000 Personal Training Business. Join Chris Cooper, the founder of Two-Brain Business, on a journey to unravel the secrets of building a successful personal training business. With a wealth of experience and a mission to support entrepreneurs, Chris shares a data-backed plan to help you achieve financial success while guiding clients to their fitness goals.

WB - How to Build a $100,000 Personal Training Business

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Webinar Insights:

  • Building a Career in Fitness: Gain insights into establishing a fulfilling and rewarding career in the fitness industry.
  • Scaling Up Your Personal Training Business: Learn the strategies to scale your personal training venture efficiently and sustainably.
  • Revenue Generation Techniques: Unlock the secrets to generate more revenue by implementing Chris's proven plan.

Meet the speaker

Chris Cooper

with Two-Brain Business

Chris Cooper believes hard-working business owners are the heart and soul of the economy, and he’s dedicated his life to supporting them through mentorship. His goal: help 1 million entrepreneurs find success. After starting Two-Brain Business on Feb. 13, 2016, Chris built a multi-million-dollar mentorship practice with hundreds of clients all over the world. The businesses these clients own consistently grow faster and outperform their peers by a wide margin because of one-on-one guidance delivered by certified Two-Brain mentors. Chris owns several other businesses, including a gym and a self-storage facility. He’s the author of dozens of ebooks and six other books, including “Gym Owners Handbook,” “Start a Gym” and “Two-Brain Business”—the best-selling fitness business book of all time. Chris is a prolific blogger and sought-after speaker, both in person and onlin


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Download the webinar now to access Chris Cooper's invaluable expertise. Learn how to kickstart your personal training business, scale it effectively, and boost your revenue. Start your path to a successful fitness career today! Unlock the Secrets to a $100,000 Personal Training Business. Powered by TrueCoach: Where Fitness Dreams Become Reality.