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Mastering Olympic Weightlifting Coaching with Chad Vaughn

WB - Coaching Olympic Lifting Athletes Virtually

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Webinar Insights:

  • The Foundation: Explore the fundamental aspects, including a questionnaire, template programs, and demo videos, crucial for effective Olympic weightlifting coaching.
  • Athlete Introduction: Uncover strategies for a gradual athlete introduction, emphasizing the importance of starting slow and building a strong coach-athlete relationship.
  • Daily Coaching Work: Learn the day-to-day tasks, focusing on communication, coaching techniques, and individualizing programs to enhance your virtual coaching skills.

Meet the speaker

Chad Vaughn

2-Time Olympian Owner of Vaughn Weightlifting

Join Chad Vaughn, a 2-Time Olympian and Owner of Vaughn Weightlifting, as he delves into the art of coaching Olympic lifting athletes virtually. Chad, a seasoned teacher and innovator, shares his expertise through writing, videos, podcasts, and programming. Learn from his valuable insights gained from being an athlete and translating that experience into coaching.

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Watch the latest webinar to glean insights from Chad Vaughn's wealth of experience in Olympic weightlifting coaching. Elevate your coaching abilities and take the first step toward mastering the virtual coaching landscape. Unlock the Secrets of Olympic Weightlifting Coaching.