Unlocking Client Potential: A Holistic Approach

As fitness professionals, offering exercise plans is just part of the equation. To truly propel clients toward their goals, understanding their unique biological data is key. Enter InsideTracker's revolutionary technology – leveraging blood and DNA analysis for unparalleled insights. In this webinar, discover how personalized nutrition plans can not only break plateaus but also save time and boost your revenue.

WB - Boost Business by Offering Personalized Nutrition Plans

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What You'll Learn:

  • Scaling Your Business with Personalized Nutrition: Explore how integrating personalized nutrition plans can elevate your fitness business.
  • Detailed Health Insights Through Biological Data: Understand the power of biological data in gaining comprehensive insights into a client's health.
  • Time and Revenue Optimization with InsideTracker Pro: Learn about the InsideTracker Pro Program tailored for Personal Trainers – a game-changer for saving time and increasing revenue.

Meet the speaker

McKenna Bush

Business Development Representative, InsideTracker

McKenna Bush, a certified running coach and Business Development Representative at InsideTracker, brings her passion for health and wellness to help fitness professionals enhance their clients’ lives. With a background in marketing and public administration, McKenna is dedicated to enabling partnerships and sales channels that align with InsideTracker’s mission.

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