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A program is a series of workouts you create before and “save for later,” so you can assign it to your clients. Coaches use programs when they see a pattern with client who requires the same workout or exercises progressions. Additionally, if they have programs with proven results that they want to make repeatable, those can also be saved as a program.

With TrueCoach, after you create your program, you can assign it to a client (or multiple clients) and make the tweaks to personalize it, so you don’t have to recreate the same program from scratch over and over again.

This is a huge time-saver if you have multiple clients who need the same or similar workout progressions.

With programs, your clients get their workouts in minutes rather than hours or days later.

Want to try it out?

If you created a “Program” that’s saved as a Word Doc or Google Spreadsheet, you can move it over and see how easy it is to assign to multiple clients.

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