Client Management

TrueCoach places everything you need to know and access about your client on one screen to give you total control over sorting through clients by:

  • Name.
  • Workout due dates.
  • Compliance rates.
  • Type such as remote, dual, or in-person.

If you spot a client who needs attention, you can easily access the quick-connect options on the same screen to:

  • Send them a private message.
  • View the details of their metrics and workouts, or view comments made on workouts.
  • Edit their personal information.

When you can have all the information you need in one place, you can instantly reach out just like you would on Facebook or Instagram by liking and commenting on each post.

On your client’s side, they get a personalized coaching feel through these touch-points because you know how compliant they are or if something is going on when you see them missing workouts.

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