Discover how TrueFix Physical Therapy, revolutionized the patient experience and improved overall practice efficiency.

“I haven’t found a software or anything else that does quite what TrueCoach does”

Dr. Eric Vargas, PT, DPT
TrueFix Physical Therapy

In summary


Before TrueCoach, TrueFix Physical Therapy relied on static email-based instructions for home exercises, lacking real-time adjustments and patient engagement.


TrueCoach introduced a dynamic, adaptable platform for personalized home exercise programs, offering instant adjustments and robust patient accountability features.


Transformed patient experiences, boosted engagement, adherence, and outcomes. Real-time updates and streamlined follow-ups enhanced efficiency, marking a significant improvement in overall practice effectiveness.


TrueFix Physical Therapy was founded by Dr. Eric Vargas, a dedicated physical therapist with a background in kinesiology. The practice operated traditionally, offering outpatient physical therapy services within the constraints of insurance coverage. While they valued their patients and colleagues, they faced challenges with limited time for individualized care and relied on outdated methods for home exercise programs, mainly using email to provide static instructions. This approach lacked real-time adjustments and efficient communication, impacting patient engagement and outcomes. Seeking a solution to these limitations, they transitioned to TrueCoach, aiming to enhance patient experiences and streamline their practice.

The Problem

TrueFix Physical Therapy relied on outdated methods for managing home exercise programs. Patients received static instructions via email, leaving no room for adjustments or real-time communication. The practice lacked a streamlined approach to enhance patient accountability.

Dr. Vargas recalls, “I felt like I wasn’t able to spend the time that I wanted to with them. It was up to them to reach out if they had any questions or concerns.”

“Prior to using TrueCoach, I was using email and youtube videos for programming my patient’s home exercises. This took me a long time after each visit, and also didn’t allow for progressive planning in between sessions. With TrueCoach, I’m able to keep track of my patient’s progress, have an open line of communication, and adjust their plans if needed in between appointments.”

Dr. Eric Vargas, PT, DPT
TrueFix Physical Therapy

The Outcome

The integration of TrueCoach into TrueFix Physical Therapy brought about a profound transformation in both patient experiences and practice efficiency. Dr. Eric Vargas, the founder of TrueFix Physical Therapy, highlighted the software’s dynamic capabilities, emphasizing, “TrueCoach is a living document. I can make adjustments instantly based on the patient’s progress and feedback.” This ability to provide real-time adjustments marked a fundamental shift in patient care, ensuring that each individual received a truly personalized approach.

Prior to adopting TrueCoach, the practice faced limitations with traditional methods, primarily relying on static email-based instructions for home exercise programs. This approach hindered patient engagement and lacked the flexibility to make immediate adjustments to treatment plans. Patients often had to reach out with concerns or questions, resulting in a less streamlined and efficient process. Dr. Vargas acknowledged this limitation, stating, “It was up to them to reach out if they had any questions or concerns.”

However, the implementation of TrueCoach revolutionized patient experiences. Patients felt more engaged and valued, benefiting from a personalized approach that was adaptable to their evolving needs. Dr. Vargas noted, “It really is just more individualized, which again, leads to better outcomes.” The software’s robust accountability features played a pivotal role in improving patient adherence to home exercise programs, thereby contributing to more successful treatment outcomes. Dr. Vargas emphasized, “People feel a lot more held accountable with that function of TrueCoach.”

Moreover, TrueCoach facilitated efficient communication between patients and the practice. It provided a platform that felt accessible yet professional, reducing the perceived barrier for patients to reach out with questions or concerns. Dr. Vargas described it as “that good in-between of keeping professionalism but still keeping it very accessible.”

One of the unexpected benefits of TrueCoach was its streamlined patient follow-up system, ensuring that no patient was overlooked or forgotten. This reinforced the practice’s commitment to providing comprehensive and attentive care. In summary, TrueCoach not only revamped the patient experience but also significantly enhanced practice efficiency and effectiveness. Dr. Vargas’s final verdict was unequivocal, stating, “I haven’t found a software or anything else that does quite what TrueCoach does.” TrueFix Physical Therapy’s journey with TrueCoach showcases the immense potential of modern software in elevating the standard of patient care.

The Solution

TrueCoach is a leading fitness and personal training platform that 20,000+ fitness professionals from around the world use to manage their personal training and coaching businesses. The program is designed to help therapists focus on what counts – helping their patience on their recovery.

  • Easy Patient Workout Logging – Your patients can quickly log their exercises, review past results, post comments, or ask you questions all from the free TrueCoach mobile app.
  • Custom Metrics And GoalsTracking your patients’ recovery has never been so simple. Easily log exercise history and metrics so both you and your patients can see how far they’ve come.
  • Client Management – Manage all of your patients and their workouts in one place. We make it easy to add new patients, deliver personalized workout plans, track progress, and stay on top of communication.
  • Fastest Workout Builder In The Industry Design and deliver personalized exercise programs in as little as 2 mins. The TrueCoach free-form workout builder does not hold you back or lock you into a certain style of programming.
  • Custom Exercise VideosStore all of your exercise videos privately within TrueCoach, or link directly to videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, to create your own video library.

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: February 26 2024

Last updated: April 12 2024