Discover how Tim uses TrueCoach to transform his business from stress and spreadsheets to a nationally renowned athletic enterprise 

“TrueCoach has completely changed our ability to reach people, to connect with people, and to prescribe exercise in a way that feels personalized and specific to what we believe in.“ 

Tim DiFrancesco, PT, DPT, PN1 
President and Founder of TD Athlete’s Edge 

In summary


When Tim decided to move his training services online, he had very low interaction and engagement rates with his clients while having to deliver programs via spreadsheets and e-mails. He was unable to provide truly customized coaching to a large number of clients due to the restrictions of using so many different platforms to run his business. 


Tim adopted TrueCoach to modernize and streamline his coaching business, allowing his coaches to prescribe exercise to more individuals in a much more customized way. They use TrueCoach’s connection and education abilities to coach more clients, and keep them engaged for longer.  


The implementation of TrueCoach into TD Athlete’s Edge has significantly improved client compliance and retention, increased the efficacy and efficiency of program creation and delivery, allowing Tim to grow his business while putting more time back in his day to do what he loves. 


Tim DiFrancesco founded TD Athlete’s Edge in 2007 with the fundamental belief that all humans are athletes. Tim and his team help athletes get their bodies back and reach physical levels they never knew were possible, fuelled from the feeling Tim gets when a person realizes they aren’t doomed with injury or lack of strength.  

TD Athletes Edge is a Strength & Conditioning facility focused on performance-based training, nutrition and recovery for athletes of all levels. TDAE exists to help athletes discover their edge by offering evidence-based training that provides clients with clarity, simplicity, guidance and community. 

The Problem

When Tim made the strategic decision to transition his training services to the online realm, he encountered a significant challenge: low interaction and engagement rates among his clientele. Despite his best efforts to deliver personalized programs, the limitations of using spreadsheets and emails hindered his ability to provide the tailored coaching experience his clients deserved. Juggling multiple platforms to manage various aspects of his business further compounded the issue, leaving Tim feeling overwhelmed and unable to deliver the level of service he aspired to. 

“TrueCoach has completely changed our ability to reach people, to connect with people, and to prescribe exercise in a way that feels personalized and specific to what we believe in.“ 

Tim DiFrancesco, PT, DPT, PN1 
President and Founder of TD Athlete’s Edge 
Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Los Angeles Lakers 

The Outcome

Since integrating TrueCoach into TD Athlete’s Edge, the impact has been profound. Client compliance and retention have soared to new heights, creating a more loyal and engaged client base. Additionally, the efficiency of program creation and delivery has been boosted, giving Tim the freedom to scale his business without sacrificing quality. With more streamlined processes in place, Tim now finds himself with extra time on his hands to focus on what truly matters – delivering top-notch training and making meaningful connections with his clients. 

The Solution

TrueCoach is a leading fitness and personal training platform that 20,000+ fitness professionals from around the world use to manage their personal training and coaching businesses. The program is designed to help fitness coaches and personal trainers grow and scale their business, without sacrificing their life to sitting in front of a screen. 

With TrueCoach, Tim has everything he needs to run in his business in one place, including: 

  • Workout Design and Execution  – TrueCoach’s drag-and-drop workout builder allows coaches to create a completely customized program in under two minutes. 
  • Goal Progress & Analysis The comprehensive dashboard allows coaches to see client progress and analysis all in one place. 
  • Client Management – The success of any fitness instructor hinges on this. See client engagement, success, and performance at a glance from your home screen. 
  • Personal Branding Business Management The fitness industry is a competitive one, which means getting to grips with the ins and outs of finance, business management and personal branding in an app designed to be customized. 
  • Nutrition & Habit TrackingPrescribe custom nutrition plans and create individual habits for clients to focus on their success in and outside the gym, fuelled by TrueCoach’s MyFitnessPal integration. 

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: March 13 2024

Last updated: April 12 2024