Discover how Angela uses TrueCoach to create and sell programs that get results and allow her to take fitness entrepreneurship and influencing to new heights!   

“TrueCoach allowed me take the experience I had with clients in person and make them feel that same feeling online.“ 

Angela Gargano
Personal Trainer, 2x American Ninja Warrior, Miss Fitness America 2016, Women’s Health Next Fitness Star Finalist 2017, and Fitness Model   

In summary


After owning her own gym for several years, Angela Gargano realized that the time commitment and rigid schedule of gym ownership and in person coaching was not for her. She wanted to continue coaching in a way that allowed her to have a more flexible schedule without sacrificing the quality of her coaching.  


Angela adopted TrueCoach to virtually train her clients. Allowing her the freedom to coach from anywhere at any time. After taking on several virtual clients she realized that many of her clients required the same things and with TrueCoach’s easy program builder feature she was able to provide just that!  


Thanks to TrueCoach Angela has been able to grow far beyond the walls of a gym. Creating and selling her proven programs with ease, reaching more clients than ever before. Now, Angela is not just a fitness coach but a personal trainer, 2x American Ninja Warrior, Miss Fitness America 2016, Women’s Health Next Fitness Star Finalist 2017, online coach & fitness model. 


Angela Gargano started her career as a personal trainer training clients in a gym before opening her own studio. After two years of grinding it out in person, she realized this wasn’t the way she wanted to continue her fitness career. So with her passion for pull ups and women’s health, she decided to take her coaching online.  

The Problem

Prior to adopting TrueCoach, Angela struggled with the time restraints of owning her gym and training clients in person. She knew the reality of owning her own studio was that it would be a while before it was lucrative and impactful. With bigger dreams of reaching more clients and making more of an impact, She starting seeking online options for her training.  

The Outcome

Since taking her coaching online with TrueCoach, Angelas renowned pull program has taken off and is empowering women all over the world. Angela now has the time to scale her reach as a fitness influencer, athlete, and model. Thanks to TrueCoach Angela was able to streamline her processes and manage her business more effectively. TrueCoach’s user-friendly interface made it easy for Angela to create customized workout plans for her clients and ultimately build out programs that launched her business to the next level.

The Solution

TrueCoach is a leading fitness and personal training platform that 20,000+ fitness professionals from around the world use to manage their personal training and coaching businesses. The program is designed to help fitness coaches and personal trainers grow and scale their business, without sacrificing their life to sitting in front of a screen. 

With TrueCoach, Angela has everything she needs to run in her business in one place, including: 

  • Workout Design and Execution  – TrueCoach’s drag-and-drop workout builder allows coaches to create a completely customized program in under two minutes. 
  • Goal Progress & Analysis The comprehensive dashboard allows coaches to see client progress and analysis all in one place.  
  • Client Management – The success of any fitness instructor hinges on this. See client engagement, success, and performance at a glance from your home screen.  
  • Personal Branding Business Management The fitness industry is a competitive one, which means getting to grips with the ins and outs of finance, business management and personal branding in an app designed to be customized.  
  • Nutrition & Habit TrackingPrescribe custom nutrition plans and create individual habits for clients to focus on their success in and outside the gym, fuelled by TrueCoach’s MyFitnessPal integration. 

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: April 23 2024

Last updated: May 12 2024