In a world brimming with stressors and challenges, maintaining personal wellness is more important than ever. Influencers who focus on well-being can provide the motivation and inspiration we need to stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit. The right influencer can help you find balance, get fit, eat well, and live a truly holistic life. In 2024, these seven wellness influencers are at the top of their game and are must-follows for anyone looking to enhance their lifestyle. 

Angela Gargano @angela_gargano

Angela Gargano is known for turning the concept of strength on its head. A fitness powerhouse and pull-up expert, Angela is passionate about helping her followers find their version of strong through her online programs and engaging social media presence. 

Key Achievements 

  • Created the “Pull-Up Revolution” System 
  • 5x American Ninja Warrior contestant 
  • 3x Covergirl 
  • Advocate for women’s strength training 

Margaux Celeste Alvarez @321gaux

Margaux Alvarez has an impressive resume as an athlete and wine entrepreneur, most recently making an appearance at the National Championships for The Tactical Games. Her holistic approach to fitness and business inspires many to chase their dreams while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Key Achievements 

  • 7x CrossFit Games athlete 
  • NBC Titan 
  • Founder of The Vine Yard CrossFit 
  • Winetrepreneur and Winemaker 

Josefine Holmberg @iamjosefineholmberg

Based in Los Angeles via Sweden, Josefine Holmberg is a Celebrity Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach whose social media channels light up with her training sessions, yoga practice, and mind/body-sculpting tips. She’s a beacon for sustainable living and mindful movement. 

Key Achievements 

  • Celebrity Trainer and Bodybuilder 
  • Health and Wealth Coach 
  • Content Creator and YouTuber 

Andrea Locke @drivenbydre

Andrea Locke tackles wellness from the inside out, focusing on mental health as much as physical health. Her gentle yet powerful guidance on mindfulness and meditation has gained her a loyal following. 

Key Achievements 

  • Founder of Driven Studio Orange County 
  • Lululemon Ambassador 
  • Social media campaigns emphasizing self-care and holistic fitness 

Ebony Lane @ebonylane_

On top of sprinting for the Australian National Team, Ebony Lane is a Fitness Coach at DARE Training and a Co-Owner of Empower Performance. Her fast-paced lifestyle is shown on her Instagram and covers the ever-changing lifestyle of a world-class athlete and fitness entrepreneur.  

Key Achievements 

  • Australian 100m Sprinter 
  • Online fitness programs for diverse body types 
  • Expert in body transformations and results-focused nutrition 

Dr. Chris McElderry @theneuroguy_dpt

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Dr. Chris McElderry combines his medical expertise with his passion for holistic health. As a Neurologic Clinical Specialist, he’s reshaping the way we think about health care through preventive medicine and wellness practices. 

Key Achievements 

  • Board-certified Doctor of Physical Therapy 
  • Online content sharing practical health and wellness advice 
  • Adjunct Professor at MWU and UPitt 

Chris Page @chrispage_coach

Chris Page is a transformation coach who has not only transformed his own life but now dedicates his time to helping others do the same. Emphasizing lifestyle changes that stick, Chris bases his approach on achievable, incremental progress. 

Key Achievements 

  • Personal transformation and wellness coach 
  • Social media influencer with impactful wellness tips 
  • Programs focused on long-term lifestyle shifts 


Each of these seven wellness influencers brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the table. From fitness to mental health, body positivity to preventive medicine, they are shaping the wellness industry in dynamic ways. However, they all have one thing in common – using TrueCoach to host their online businesses. With the fastest workout builder and habit/nutrition-programming, TrueCoach is truly the key to setting your coaching business up for success.  
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Article by TrueCoach

First published: February 27 2024

Last updated: February 27 2024