Social media is a powerful tool all business owners should take advantage of. It doesn’t have to be scary or daunting, but not using it can be detrimental to your training business. As of May 2022, more than 1 billion people worldwide use Instagram monthly. Of those users, more than 1/3 are Millennials and Gen Z, who rank Instagram their go-to platform even over Tik Tok. If you’re not well-versed in Instagram, it’s okay! Don’t shy away; start slow and watch it grow.  

Here are three beginner tips to make the most of your profile.  

  1. Fill Out Your Profile…Completely! If there is a blank field in the backend, fill it out! The more information you provide in your profile, the easier it is for people to successfully find you in a search.   

Pro Tips: 

  • Make your @ easy to read and spell with minimal punctuation. The faster a potential client can find you, the better! 
  • Always add your real name or business name to your profile (people can search your name if they don’t remember your handle).  
  • Always add an image to your profile. Make sure it is a clear, high-quality image of you (not your business logo).  
  1. When In Doubt, Post! Try every type of post on Instagram and then switch it up. Starting with a still image is the easiest, but you’re a personal trainer; you work in movement! This is where Instagram Stories and Reels come into play. You can start by showing a simple exercise movement or a recipe for a breakfast smoothie. It pays to post! The more content you put out there, the more people will follow and engage with your page.  

Pro Tips: 

  • If you can, try to post content with a client (with their consent, of course). Before and after images and testimonials directly from clients are always engaging. 
  • #Hashtag, #Hashtag, then #Hashtag some more. The average number of hashtags per post is 30! Be as niche as possible, so you attract the kind of clients you want. For example, just using #fitness can attract bodybuilders when you’re actually a yoga instructor. 
  • Always post high-quality images and videos. No, you do not need fancy equipment. The latest smartphone with some lovely sun can get the job done. 
  1. Make Instagram a Part of Your Routine. If you’re not someone who constantly creates content, Instagram will feel like a chore. We recommend finding ways to make it a fun part of your routine. Do you make new nutrition plans on Wednesdays and go over payroll on Fridays? Block out time for Instagram like you would with a client. Maybe editing and posting a story is taking 2 hours too long; blocking off the time will give you a clear starting and stopping point to avoid potential frustration.  

Pro Tips: 

  • Do you already know the demographic of your clients? If they’re older than 34, they may stick to Facebook. If so, make sure you’re using the right platform before you waste your time. Don’t fret; most social media platforms have similar capabilities, so whatever content you’ve created for one will likely work for another. 
  • You can quickly turn your personal Instagram into a business Instagram and provide a link to your website, merch, and more right in the description. This takes only seconds and doesn’t cost you anything.  
  • Use social media to conduct market research! If you haven’t posted yet, you can still scroll to find out what competitors are doing and what followers are engaging with. This can give you valuable ideas to use outside of social media.  

These are just a few quick ways to get started with social media. As you become more comfortable and build more followers you can go live, partner with influencers, and more. When you send personalized communication through your TrueCoach account, always encourage your clients to follow you on social media and give them incentives to share your handle! Happy posting, everyone! 

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: August 01 2022

Last updated: January 11 2024