Taking Your Business Insta to the Next Level 

Sales only come as a result of great marketing, not the other way around. What better way to market than through social media? The days of using social media strictly to connect with friends and family are as dead as MySpace―social media is a branding and marketing powerhouse. With 4.7 billion users worldwide, having a social profile is a way of life.1 If you’ve only been using your Instagram to post cute videos of your dog instead of boosting your brand, it’s time to change to a business account, and pronto!  


Drop your social handle everywhere! Digital business cards allow you to generate a QR code, link to your social, and track metrics. Paper business cards are archaic and easily lost. P.S. Make sure your Instagram handle is easy to read and spell. 

Why you need a business Instagram 

Save money on advertising costs. If you’re a one-person team, Instagram is the best platform to market at relatively low costs. You can make and edit your videos, share posts almost instantly, and reach a large percentage of the 1.44 billion people who use the platform.2  


  1. Once you’ve created a business Instagram, it is time to post, post, post. Select the right hashtags by doing a simple search. More general terms like “personal training” will likely have millions of hits. “Prenatal Exercise Instructor Charlotte” will probably be very narrow. Use terms ideally in the 1.5k to 10k results range.  
  2. The average cost-per-click to advertise on Insta is $1.23.3 Advertising costs are higher on weekends, giving the illusion that it is a better time to post. Don’t be fooled! The best times to post are early Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Sunday is the least active day for advertising.  
  3. If you’re trying to go the free route, you need to post, post, and then post again. If you don’t have the power of influencers on your side, then your content needs to be compelling, relevant, and carry a minimum of 11 hashtags until your followers begin to increase.  

Reach the Right People

When you create a paid ad, you can choose from 8 parameters to target clients, including their location, demographics, behaviors, and more4 In 2016, people ages 25-34 were the largest group of people to use personal trainers, and it hasn’t changed much since. Can you guess which age group uses Instagram the most? Yep, Millennials and Gen Z (ages 18-34).5 There couldn’t be a better platform than Instagram!


  1. Unless your specialization is gender-specific such as delivering prenatal workouts, we recommend creating ads that are not gender-specific. Nearly an equal number of men and women use Instagram daily, but it costs more to advertise to women. If you’re familiar with the “pink tax,” you’ll know that yearly, women spend $1351 more on the same products, even though women make $0.34 on the dollar compared to their male counterparts.6
  2. The common misconception is that only women love to shop and spend. When making purchases via social media, surprisingly, men are likely to spend more than women and be more trusting of online advertising.7 Furthermore, men use personal trainers slightly more than women. Ultimately, you should choose customers that make you feel safe and match your interests, but if you can cast a wider net, do it!

Instagram is one of the best social media networks for building your brand. Download our infographic for up-to-date statistics you need to take advantage of when curating your business account. The best part is you don’t need fancy equipment to get started. Be genuine, share with your audience (with the right hashtags, of course), and watch your engagement grow. Download our infographic for up-to-date statistics you need to take advantage of when curating your business account.

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Article by TrueCoach

First published: October 26 2022

Last updated: January 11 2024